Neuroscience in the company, with Luis Castellanos
May 19, 2020Neuroscience in the company, with Luis Castellanos

A new installment of our Podcast: "Journey to the World of Human Resources and beyond!" What effects does positive language have on people's lives? How is neuroscience applied to the professional field advancing? We interviewed Luis Castellanos: a philosopher, researcher and disseminator who gives us his vision based on his experiences and experiments. Press Play!

How to make a 9-Box Talent Matrix (Nine Box)
April 13, 2020How to make a 9-Box Talent Matrix (Nine Box)

Building a Nine Box Talent Matrix has never been easier. With Hrider's N-Box functionality, you can create 9-box matrices as well as 4-, 16-, and 25-quadrant matrices that correlate different variables such as performance and potential. In this tutorial you will learn what they are and how to easily create them step by step.

The most read articles in Human Resources in 2019
January 7, 2020The most read articles in Human Resources in 2019

Modernity introduces new techniques and concepts regarding how work is perceived by contemporary professionals. These changes are occurring at an ever-accelerating pace, particularly for those who are responsible for managing human capital within organizations. Staying informed about emerging trends and sharing them is crucial for driving the organizations that the future demands.

Job Performance Spoilers
May 6, 2018Job Performance Spoilers

Whatever your job, you may have found yourself interrupting your tasks to perform other unnecessary ones that do not add any value. We can help you identify and resolve them. Additionally, we provide a playlist with music to help you concentrate on your work.

The objectives and KPI's in our work
February 25, 2018The objectives and KPI's in our work

Discover how it influences the productivity of your team that everyone knows their Objectives & KPI's. Establishing them, monitoring them and evaluating their achievement is a means of involving our employees. And if you need more, how about a playlist so that motivation does not lack!

False Myths About Performance Appraisal (and How to Get Rid of Them)
February 5, 2018False Myths About Performance Appraisal (and How to Get Rid of Them)

Continuous evaluation and feedback are the only way to grow as employees and as an organization. Don't let fear of the unknown or false beliefs paralyze you.

Is there a zombie in your office?
October 24, 2017Is there a zombie in your office?

Chances are, you've encountered one of them. Beware! In this special Halloween post, we provide you with the tools to identify them and survive the zombie workers... (we'll even help you resurrect them with a chilling playlist)

Fall in love with your work
September 25, 2017Fall in love with your work

One of the factors that sets us apart from machines is our capacity as human beings to feel enthusiasm for our endeavors. However, when that enthusiasm wanes or is absent, we have the capability to "reprogram" ourselves, and rekindle that passion, enabling us to once again find joy in our work.

Tips to avoid Burnout
May 30, 2017Tips to avoid Burnout

One of the main factors influencing employee motivation is their relationship with their bosses. We give you some advice so that everything flows, flooding your organization with positive energy that gets rid of Burnout syndrome once and for all.

The best gift: your self-assessment
May 22, 2017The best gift: your self-assessment

On the road to self-knowledge, periodically practicing self-assessment of our skills will help us build our own path towards professional development in accordance with our life expectations.

Immediate benefits of performance appraisal
May 9, 2017Immediate benefits of performance appraisal

Communication and professional development are the basic principles for a healthy organization that wants to have motivated employees. With the Professional Performance Evaluation, you will immediately notice its benefits!

If you want my commitment, give me feedback
March 22, 2017If you want my commitment, give me feedback

What is special about those work environments in which everything seems to flow and in which people relate naturally, supporting each other? After studying many cases and settings, we have come to a simple conclusion.