Benefits of kindness at work
April 9, 2024Benefits of kindness at work

In an increasingly competitive and fast-paced work environment, it can be easy to forget the importance of kindness. However, many studies have shown that kindness at work not only enhances individual well-being but also has a positive impact on team performance and organizational culture. In this article, we examine how kindness and effort go hand in hand and how to foster this competency among your employees.

The 5 keys for your competency assessment
May 17, 2023The 5 keys for your competency assessment

Do you want to improve competency management in your organization? Competency assessment is essential for the professional development of your employees. Know the 5 keys that will help you make a fair and objective evaluation.

Reskilling and Upskilling: the strategic response to change
September 20, 2022Reskilling and Upskilling: the strategic response to change

In such a competitive job market, many people struggle to keep up with ever-changing technology. But what if there was a way to keep up without spending thousands of dollars on expensive training courses?

Potential: what it is and how to assess it
May 16, 2022Potential: what it is and how to assess it

Recognizing, nurturing, and maintaining talent is crucial to organizational success. Assessing employee potential ensures that you objectively recognize the leaders of the future. It is not enough to surround yourself with talented people, we have to know how to develop their skills and establish a good career plan to generate commitment and continue to have the best team in the world.

Map of strengths and opportunities for professional improvement with the Johari window
September 12, 2021Map of strengths and opportunities for professional improvement with the Johari window

The Johari window is a useful cognitive psychology tool for getting to know ourselves and our relationships with others. We will explain how, from Human Resources, you can use it to create a map of strengths and opportunities for improvement in your organization.

What is a 9 Box Talent Matrix?
February 14, 2021What is a 9 Box Talent Matrix?

It is known as Talent Map, Human Resources Matrix, Nine Box... the latest in new HR trends! In this article we will tell you what it is, where it comes from, its uses and applications, its benefits and how to interpret it to add value to Talent Management. From the relationship between performance and potential to the alignment of employees and corporate culture.

What is VUCA and how does it affect your organization?
July 27, 2020What is VUCA and how does it affect your organization?

Have you heard the acronym VUCA or VICA? Do you know what they mean? And how to combat it by strengthening certain competencies in the people of your organization? Uncertain environments are more present today than ever before, and at HRider we help you fight them (or better yet, successfully adapt to them).

The most read articles in Human Resources in 2019
January 7, 2020The most read articles in Human Resources in 2019

Modernity introduces new techniques and concepts regarding how work is perceived by contemporary professionals. These changes are occurring at an ever-accelerating pace, particularly for those who are responsible for managing human capital within organizations. Staying informed about emerging trends and sharing them is crucial for driving the organizations that the future demands.

Continuous training or professional death
September 16, 2019Continuous training or professional death

In this post we launch a new collaboration with Ángel Fraga, passionate about talent development, Director of the Instituto Galego do Talento -IGATA-, who shows us with figures and solid arguments the fundamental importance of training for professional development.

Discover your hidden talents
September 3, 2019Discover your hidden talents

In this world there are two paths you can take: that of the fox or that of the hedgehog. We tell you how important it is to follow the one that leads you to discover your potential, focusing on those strengths that make you a unique person.

What is talent?
March 25, 2019What is talent?

There is not a day that we do not speak or hear the word talent, both inside and outside of work. Do we know exactly what it consists of? Is there a single definition of this term in which all the authors agree? To answer this query, we have put on our thinkinf caps and we are going to share our conclusions with you in our publication.

Competences for Teleworking
March 6, 2019Competences for Teleworking

Good performance should not be solely measured by the number of hours spent in the office but rather by the achievement of tangible results. In today's work landscape, employees increasingly seek agile and flexible work environments. Therefore, it's essential to develop a set of professional skills that support the success of arrangements like remote work.

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