Feedforward: what is it and how is it different from feedback?
July 25, 2023Feedforward: what is it and how is it different from feedback?

Feedforward is the perfect complement to feedback. With both communication processes, each employee will have the perfect strategy to successfully develop their professional career. However, feedforward is still a very unknown term, until now, because in this post we tell you everything!

7 Ways to Develop High Potential People
July 10, 20237 Ways to Develop High Potential People

How do you work with High Potential people in our organization? They have the ability to grow faster, but only if, as an organization, we know how to motivate them and develop their full potential. Here are seven ways to guide high potentials to career success

What is a Succession Plan? Everything you need to know
January 29, 2023What is a Succession Plan? Everything you need to know

Implementing a succession plan is essential for any organization looking to achieve long-term success. Learn all about creating an executable succession plan with this guide. It's never too early to start planning for the future of your business!

Potential: what it is and how to assess it
May 16, 2022Potential: what it is and how to assess it

Recognizing, nurturing, and maintaining talent is crucial to organizational success. Assessing employee potential ensures that you objectively recognize the leaders of the future. It is not enough to surround yourself with talented people, we have to know how to develop their skills and establish a good career plan to generate commitment and continue to have the best team in the world.

What is a 9 Box Talent Matrix?
February 14, 2021What is a 9 Box Talent Matrix?

It is known as Talent Map, Human Resources Matrix, Nine Box... the latest in new HR trends! In this article we will tell you what it is, where it comes from, its uses and applications, its benefits and how to interpret it to add value to Talent Management. From the relationship between performance and potential to the alignment of employees and corporate culture.

This year give the gift of empowerment
December 22, 2020This year give the gift of empowerment

This year we have learned to telework, to trust our team, to understand the need to consider the human side and the personal situation of each employee. And the leaders who have gone that "extra mile" are the ones who have learned to delegate and have empowered their teams. Do you want to know how they did it?

How can we stay focused?
July 8, 2020How can we stay focused?

There are certain moments or situations that cause us to disperse in our activities and it is difficult to focus to be decisive.
For this reason, we have compiled some tips and reflections that will help us be more productive and feel much better and calmer at the end of the day.

How to build a resilient organization
June 22, 2020How to build a resilient organization

Moving forward when the road is difficult requires attitudes, new behaviors and support within the organization. A resilient organizational culture will be more likely to overcome problems and emerge stronger. To face this challenge, understanding the human side of employees will be key.

How to make a 9-Box Talent Matrix (Nine Box)
April 13, 2020How to make a 9-Box Talent Matrix (Nine Box)

Building a Nine Box Talent Matrix has never been easier. With Hrider's N-Box functionality, you can create 9-box matrices as well as 4-, 16-, and 25-quadrant matrices that correlate different variables such as performance and potential. In this tutorial you will learn what they are and how to easily create them step by step.

Discover your hidden talents
September 3, 2019Discover your hidden talents

In this world there are two paths you can take: that of the fox or that of the hedgehog. We tell you how important it is to follow the one that leads you to discover your potential, focusing on those strengths that make you a unique person.

What is talent?
March 25, 2019What is talent?

There is not a day that we do not speak or hear the word talent, both inside and outside of work. Do we know exactly what it consists of? Is there a single definition of this term in which all the authors agree? To answer this query, we have put on our thinkinf caps and we are going to share our conclusions with you in our publication.

Not all superheroes wear capes
November 29, 2016Not all superheroes wear capes

What do superpowers have in common with our professional skills? In this post, we explore the effects of identifying, developing, and leveraging employees' best skills to transform our organization into a hub of extraordinary talents, much like the Marvel Universe.

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