How to improve your performance through rest
June 12, 2023How to improve your performance through rest

Are you feeling exhausted or stressed at work? Discover how rest can improve your work performance, reduce stress, and improve your health. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of rest and how you can incorporate more rest into your daily life.

Competences for Teleworking
March 6, 2019Competences for Teleworking

Good performance should not be solely measured by the number of hours spent in the office but rather by the achievement of tangible results. In today's work landscape, employees increasingly seek agile and flexible work environments. Therefore, it's essential to develop a set of professional skills that support the success of arrangements like remote work.

7 things to do before going on vacation
July 15, 20187 things to do before going on vacation

When the vacation period approaches in the office, there's still time to undertake several activities that can boost our productivity before and after our time off. How many of these practices does your organization implement?

10 Benefits you can negotiate, in addition to your salary
June 4, 201810 Benefits you can negotiate, in addition to your salary

Have you ever negotiated for more than just a salary? In this post, we offer some creative ideas that can represent a valuable investment in satisfaction, whether in the short, medium, or long term.

There is life beyond work
December 10, 2017There is life beyond work

Do you often find yourself spending too much time at work, missing out on other activities such as enjoying sports, going to the movies, or spending time with friends? You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that dedicating more time to yourself can actually boost your productivity.

Can we do more with less?
November 27, 2017Can we do more with less?

Improving productivity and time management is a challenge. Today, we'll discuss the "Time Theming" technique used by companies like Google, Apple, and Twitter to enhance performance and achieve better results.

Vacations are good business
August 14, 2016Vacations are good business

Enjoying our time off is not only compatible with being a good professional, but they can even help us improve our career. To be truly engaged in our work, our brain needs periodic breaks, thus gaining a fresher, more energetic outlook.

Where is people management headed?
December 1, 2015Where is people management headed?

We are already beginning to see examples of successful organizations that are adapting their people management policies to what new professionals demand, but are we all prepared for the great change in philosophy that is heading to our offices to park at our door?

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