7 tips for connecting with your team (or reconnect)
June 29, 20227 tips for connecting with your team (or reconnect)

The relationship with our team, just like personal relationships, goes through many phases. If you feel that there is no connection with your team because you have just become a manager or because your relationship with them has worn out, follow these tips.

Superpowers to manage and resolve a conflict
March 24, 2021Superpowers to manage and resolve a conflict

Part of the job of any professional is to know how to deal with complex situations and act appropriately to resolve them. This includes conflicts that may arise in our day to day. And, in a very special way, human resources professionals must make sure to keep problems at bay so that everything else flows better.

What is a 9 Box Talent Matrix?
February 14, 2021What is a 9 Box Talent Matrix?

It is known as Talent Map, Human Resources Matrix, Nine Box... the latest in new HR trends! In this article we will tell you what it is, where it comes from, its uses and applications, its benefits and how to interpret it to add value to Talent Management. From the relationship between performance and potential to the alignment of employees and corporate culture.

What was read the most about Human Resources in 2020
January 11, 2021What was read the most about Human Resources in 2020

We all agree that 2020 will be a year we will not forget. There have been difficulties, but also learning. And, more than ever, the Community of people passionate about HR have shared ideas that helped us all to overcome the challenges of the year. Do you want to know what topics have inspired professionals like you the most?

This year give the gift of empowerment
December 22, 2020This year give the gift of empowerment

This year we have learned to telework, to trust our team, to understand the need to consider the human side and the personal situation of each employee. And the leaders who have gone that "extra mile" are the ones who have learned to delegate and have empowered their teams. Do you want to know how they did it?

What is VUCA and how does it affect your organization?
July 27, 2020What is VUCA and how does it affect your organization?

Have you heard the acronym VUCA or VICA? Do you know what they mean? And how to combat it by strengthening certain competencies in the people of your organization? Uncertain environments are more present today than ever before, and at HRider we help you fight them (or better yet, successfully adapt to them).

Nothing is more attractive than a dedicated team
February 10, 2020Nothing is more attractive than a dedicated team

Seeing a group of people motivated by a common challenge is one of the most exciting things you can experience at work. In this special Valentine's Day post, we suggest ideas you can put into practice every day of the year to create the dream team everyone wants to be a part of. Music playlist included!

Say goodbye to turnover
May 27, 2019Say goodbye to turnover

In Human Resources, reducing turnover rates is crucial. To tackle this issue effectively, it's essential to understand the reasons behind it and take steps to address them. In this post, we'll guide you on how to reduce turnover, enhance job satisfaction, and foster an organizational culture that encourages employees to stay with your company.

What is talent?
March 25, 2019What is talent?

There is not a day that we do not speak or hear the word talent, both inside and outside of work. Do we know exactly what it consists of? Is there a single definition of this term in which all the authors agree? To answer this query, we have put on our thinkinf caps and we are going to share our conclusions with you in our publication.

Valentine's Day and the Customer Experience
February 13, 2019Valentine's Day and the Customer Experience

It is often said that love moves the world, and who can argue otherwise? Even in the business world, emotions play a significant role in shaping the strategies of companies. That's why we invite you today to explore the satisfaction that can make your clients feel as if they are experiencing an everlasting Valentine's Day.

What to do after a Performance Appraisal
February 10, 2019What to do after a Performance Appraisal

The professional appraisal process doesn't conclude once all participants have submitted their evaluations and the Human Resources Manager has reviewed the results. There's much more to be done in order to fully realize the benefits of providing feedback to our employees!

Human Resources Checklist
September 25, 2018Human Resources Checklist

There is nothing worse than ending the year without having achieved some of the challenges that excited you at the beginning of January. Remember that time is limited, and you must dedicate yourself to what truly matters, especially in the area of human management, where the work is focused on helping people develop their talent and contribute to achieving the organization's objectives.

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