compromised team

February 10, 2020

Nothing is more attractive than a dedicated team

Love is in the air everywhere I look… we try to make every day of the year as exciting as February 14th! At this time of year, we usually talk about how to seduce customers, or how to create a good atmosphere, or about what the team expects from its leader...but how to build solid and healthy relationships between colleagues? After all, this is the strongest and most resilient foundation an organization can count on!

Building a brilliant team and keeping them motivated for 365 days can be difficult because each person is unique and understands the job in a different way. You know the kind of person who likes to work alone with their headphones on and work their fingers to the bone. But there is also one that does not stop and loves to walk and talk from here to there. And what about those who work from home ? The challenge is to make sure that all these people, with their different styles, complement each other.

Finding your Dream Team is both profoundly simple and difficult at the same time; and of course it will not be easy if you do not have a good organizational culture based on trust and communication. So with Cupid's arrow piercing the heart, in this special Valentine's Day post we tell you 7 ways to achieve that dream team:

1. Avoid Micromanaging:

Micromanaging and team empowerment are complete opposites. Micromanaging infantilizes, delegating builds trust, commitment and motivation. It is essential to let each team member manage themselves and make their own decisions!

2. Collaboration:

When there is trust and a positive attitude, our team will learn to resolve differences and improve performance through cooperation. On the other hand, collaboration fosters analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills through the exchange of ideas and shared decision-making. When we also encourage the development of communication skills, even Montgomery Burns could not resist.

3. Build on Strengths:

The better you know each team member, the better everything will work. Highlighting their strengths will make everything flow better: recognition influences motivation. Once you have conducted a performance review, you will be able to identify and develop the strengths of the entire team.

4. Work towards a common goal:

What is the big goal you are striving for? How can each team member help achieve it? Ensure that everyone knows what the goal is and that they are aware that their work is important to achieving it. A common purpose takes our relationship to a new level.

5. Respect their work time:

For a team to be the best it can be, it must respect its working hours. He encourages them to block off certain hours each week so that no one can interrupt them with meetings or phone calls, not even their manager!

6. Work flexibility:

It is very likely that flexibility will be present in all of our tips this year. Teamwork works best when people can balance their work and personal lives, take advantage of their moments of greatest inspiration, and not be tied to a specific place or time.

7. Celebrate together:

Publicly acknowledge the contributions of each colleague, explaining how they have contributed to the success of the project and appreciating their efforts and commitment. And when you reach a goal or take another step towards a goal, don't hesitate to celebrate with them, it will be like Super Mario eating those mushrooms.

And what if we put a good and sweet soundtrack to all these tips to conquer even the least romantic hearts? No one will be able to resist the alluring power of a dedicated team!