February 12, 2018

Ideas to make your team fall in love

Having a comfortable and happy team is having a committed and effective team. There are many ways to contribute to the creation of a good work environment, and since we are in the week of Valentine's Day and we are in love with good vibes, we want to give you very simple ideas to promote engagement, job satisfaction and productivity between employees.

Before starting with the list, we want to make it clear that a good work environment depends on having the right people. To know how to be the employee who every boss wants or the boss that every employee needs, we recommend our Love at first (between) sight posts.

And now yes, we are going to show you how easy it is to create a good atmosphere and make our employees fall in love:

  • Pizza day...and fruit: Every once in a while, pizza for everyone! The manager on duty does not always have to order it, each person can also bring their favorite so that everyone can try them all or hold a homemade pizza contest, our mouths are watering just thinking about it! Of course, we also recommend that you do not miss the pieces of fruit every day, and the pineapple on the pizza does not count!
  • Unscheduled breaks : It allows everyone to rest when they want. Encourage your employees to take real breaks, like a walk outside or a little reading or foosball. And you can go further: organize a yoga class, a game of the sport that you like the most, a video game tournament that you are most addicted to, a masterclass... it will improve camaraderie and your brains will recharge the battery.
  • Upgrade the fixture: An article from MBA@UNC states that exposure to natural light improves mood and energy, influencing productivity and concentration. If it is not possible to have natural light in your facilities, there are other options such as light bulbs that reduce visual fatigue or warm tones to generate relaxation.
  • Create a Spotify account: Who doesn't like music? You can create collaborative playlists like these so that everyone can listen to their favorite songs and brighten up Friday afternoons . A great option to get to know our colleagues better and foster team spirit!
  • A creative corner and personalized spaces: Enable a small space where people can rest a bit, generate and share ideas or play whatever they want. A quiet and comfortable place where they can chat with each other or lie down if they get a headache. You can also encourage them to personalize their work areas so that they feel more comfortable. Working in an attractive environment can have great effects on co-workers and relationships with managers.
  • New microwave: Safe that in your space to eat you need an extra microwave to avoid queues with the tuppers or retire the one you have. Every office always needs a new one!
  • Buy a round of coffees: People sometimes need an excuse to take a break and relax tensions. Getting up from your chair to prepare a coffee will improve blood circulation and allow your eyes to disconnect from the light of electronic devices. If, in addition, these moments are shared with the team, you will encourage interaction and human relations. We are not machines like our PC's (or Macs!).

  • Improve communication: Pay attention to how you interact with each of the employees and the impact your message has. Give employees feedback and that those responsible are open to receiving it, show gratitude for the work done, ask for opinions... everyone counts in an organization!

  • Celebrate Pet Day: All of us who live with animals love spending time with them, showing them off, talking about their personalities. Yes, we are very annoying. Scientifically confirmed: allowing everyone to take their pet from time to time will create a relaxing atmosphere and strengthen ties between colleagues. Warning: that ball of dust that accumulates under your bed does not count as a pet ;)
  • Have an open door policy (literally): Employees are more likely to stay in a job if they feel heard and valued. One way to do this is to guarantee transparency between managers and workers. Let them know that you are always available for questions, comments and suggestions.

  • Put a plant in the office: Green I love you green! Plants have been proven to create a more positive environment by freshening the air and lifting spirits in an office setting. Plants make us rediscover our most zen self. Attention, super-idea: if the plant is traveling around the office every week distributing custody among the different departments, the promotion of shared responsibility will be brutal!
  • Gif language: Communicating with gifs is the top level of internal communication. Take advantage of those team emails to sneak in gifs that make you laugh for a while.

These are some of the many things you can do to encourage good vibes in your organization with little to no cost (and therefore no excuses!). It is not necessary to wait until February 14th to put them into practice.

As you can see on our social networks, at HRider the atmosphere is great and here we apply what we tell you, which is why we want to share with you the playlist that will be playing in our offices throughout this week:

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We love seeing how Hrider's clients are companies that really love their employees and invest in their professional development. Giving them a voice and enhancing their strengths is the best gift you can give your team members.