Human Resources Trends in 2024
January 8, 2024Human Resources Trends in 2024

What will be the trends in our industry in the new year? Find out the predictions and news in Human Resources for 2024 in our new feature.

Work in the Post Covid-19 Era, with Silvia Leal
April 28, 2020Work in the Post Covid-19 Era, with Silvia Leal

We invite you to listen to the first chapter of our Podcast:
"Journey to the World of Human Resources and beyond!"
How will people management change in Organizations after the impact of Covid-19? We discussed this and interviewed Silvia Leal: a disseminator of trends and innovation who gives us her expert vision. Press Play!

5 Keys to lead a remote team
April 19, 20205 Keys to lead a remote team

How should we go about managing a work team that collaborates from multiple locations? One of the challenges of remote work, as opposed to in-person activities, is leadership. An effective leader needs to adapt to new techniques in a changing landscape where telecommuting takes center stage.

The future of work
October 10, 2017The future of work

The vital keys for organizations to shape their strategic planning and internal management for long-term survival are well-documented. Here are some of these keys, urging you to implement them to foster an engaging and promising work environment:

The power of Netarchy
February 19, 2017The power of Netarchy

The digital transformation in human resources requires a fundamental reassessment of the organizational model. Hierarchies that foster cultures centered on control and fear stand in opposition to the culture of commitment, talent development, and innovation that we are currently striving for.

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