April 28, 2020

Work in the Post Covid-19 Era, with Silvia Leal

Introducing the HRider team podcast! We have a passion for sharing information and knowledge with you, and now, aside from reading, you can also tune in. Whether you're working, engaged in sports, or simply looking for entertainment, opportunities to learn and get inspired, our podcast "Journey into the world of Human Resources and beyond" is here to keep you posted.

The goal of these podcasts is to disseminate news, interviews, books and everything related to the world of Human Resources, Digital Transformation and Innovation in a stimulating way.

In this first episode we discuss future trends in the Post Covid-19 Era, beginning with a debate in which Daniel del Río, Lucía Solla and Rocío Valenzuela talk to us about what changes may be found in Organizations and, specifically, in Human Resources Management after the health and economic crisis caused due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Will it change leadership? Will telework increase? How can we generate engagement from now on?

In the second block of the program you will be able to enjoy an interview with the scientific disseminator Silvia Leal, an international expert in future trends and one of the most influential leaders in digital transformation, leadership, culture and future of employment. In addition, she is the author of the following publications:

  • Advice: the world of Advice needs professionals capable of guiding their companies in an environment of continuous change where the digital strategy is gaining more and more strength.
  • You are not going to die: This book tells us about how technologies will affect our way of life, the business world and the job market.
  • E-Renew or die: in this book she presents 7 trends that will mark our future and that will mean a turning point in our lives, such as augmented reality, drones, 3D printers, bioprinting, the Internet of Things and Big Data.
  • Wit, sex and passion : she tells us about those differences that makes us profitable. How to understand them, how to manage them and how to take advantage of them during the innovation process.
  • Ingenuity and passion: How can you encourage innovative behavior in a world in which success is increasingly fleeting?

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