Remote work: the new normal
August 9, 2021Remote work: the new normal

What modality of work awaits us when the health alert is reduced? Would you go back to face-to-face work like in 2019 or would you prefer to stay doing video conferences in the purest 2020 style without leaving home? New hybrid work models await us... will companies be ready for it?

360º Feedback for professional development
November 16, 2020360º Feedback for professional development

Discover why lately 360º Feedback has always appeared among the Top Human Capital Trends. Over the past few years, HR performance management software based on a 360-degree perspective has become the preferred job performance management solution for a large number of companies. Do you want to know its advantages for the development of people and the organization?

How to return to work after confinement
July 27, 2020How to return to work after confinement

What should a company take into account so that returning to a workplace is safe for its employees, while operations and customer service are resumed? Faced with so many unknowns, we share some recommendations that will help Human Resources professionals to focus on "the new normal".

What is VUCA and how does it affect your organization?
July 27, 2020What is VUCA and how does it affect your organization?

Have you heard the acronym VUCA or VICA? Do you know what they mean? And how to combat it by strengthening certain competencies in the people of your organization? Uncertain environments are more present today than ever before, and at HRider we help you fight them (or better yet, successfully adapt to them).

How to build a resilient organization
June 22, 2020How to build a resilient organization

Moving forward when the road is difficult requires attitudes, new behaviors and support within the organization. A resilient organizational culture will be more likely to overcome problems and emerge stronger. To face this challenge, understanding the human side of employees will be key.

How to make virtual meetings successful
March 22, 2020How to make virtual meetings successful

Do you have to telework but need to share ideas, progress, proposals with other people? Videoconference meetings have arrived to make our lives easier! But doing it professionally requires taking into account various aspects that we are going to share with you: Lights, camera, action!

Competences for Teleworking
March 6, 2019Competences for Teleworking

Good performance should not be solely measured by the number of hours spent in the office but rather by the achievement of tangible results. In today's work landscape, employees increasingly seek agile and flexible work environments. Therefore, it's essential to develop a set of professional skills that support the success of arrangements like remote work.

Soft skills in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
April 2, 2018Soft skills in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In addition to the necessary software and hardware, the key to progressing successfully in Digital Transformation lies in the most vital component: wetware. In this post, you will explore the contributions of individuals to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Diversity leaps into a company
March 4, 2018Diversity leaps into a company

A new trend transcends social reality to enter our workplaces and become an economic asset. Discover the power of diversity in our team and how to make the most of it.

Why is Digital Transformation necessary?
January 16, 2018Why is Digital Transformation necessary?

Many of us agree that digital transformation helps organizations to be more competitive and their employees to be more productive. That is why we wanted to compile a list of benefits so that no one can resist the new Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Competitions for 2018 and beyond
January 1, 2018Competitions for 2018 and beyond

Are you ready to launch yourself into learning and training the skills that the world of work will need in 2018 and in the years to come? We are going to give you some clues about which will be the most important so that you can start training your talent.

The future of work
October 10, 2017The future of work

The vital keys for organizations to shape their strategic planning and internal management for long-term survival are well-documented. Here are some of these keys, urging you to implement them to foster an engaging and promising work environment:

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