5 games to celebrate Valentine's Day as a team
February 13, 20245 games to celebrate Valentine's Day as a team

Any excuse is a good excuse to celebrate Valentine's Day at work. With these 5 free games, you can have fun and share the day of love as a team. Make your workday fun and romantic!

Remote work: the new normal
August 9, 2021Remote work: the new normal

What modality of work awaits us when the health alert is reduced? Would you go back to face-to-face work like in 2019 or would you prefer to stay doing video conferences in the purest 2020 style without leaving home? New hybrid work models await us... will companies be ready for it?

What was read the most about Human Resources in 2020
January 11, 2021What was read the most about Human Resources in 2020

We all agree that 2020 will be a year we will not forget. There have been difficulties, but also learning. And, more than ever, the Community of people passionate about HR have shared ideas that helped us all to overcome the challenges of the year. Do you want to know what topics have inspired professionals like you the most?

How to return to work after confinement
July 27, 2020How to return to work after confinement

What should a company take into account so that returning to a workplace is safe for its employees, while operations and customer service are resumed? Faced with so many unknowns, we share some recommendations that will help Human Resources professionals to focus on "the new normal".

What is VUCA and how does it affect your organization?
July 27, 2020What is VUCA and how does it affect your organization?

Have you heard the acronym VUCA or VICA? Do you know what they mean? And how to combat it by strengthening certain competencies in the people of your organization? Uncertain environments are more present today than ever before, and at HRider we help you fight them (or better yet, successfully adapt to them).

How can we stay focused?
July 8, 2020How can we stay focused?

There are certain moments or situations that cause us to disperse in our activities and it is difficult to focus to be decisive.
For this reason, we have compiled some tips and reflections that will help us be more productive and feel much better and calmer at the end of the day.

Evaluate your Virtual Environment
May 3, 2020Evaluate your Virtual Environment

How do the employees feel? Do they need to share their ideas or concerns? Is there any aspect that we should improve so that our team can work remotely in the best possible conditions? What we used to know as the work climate we could now call Virtual Environment, coining a new term that perfectly defines the concept in the current context.

Work in the Post Covid-19 Era, with Silvia Leal
April 28, 2020Work in the Post Covid-19 Era, with Silvia Leal

We invite you to listen to the first chapter of our Podcast:
"Journey to the World of Human Resources and beyond!"
How will people management change in Organizations after the impact of Covid-19? We discussed this and interviewed Silvia Leal: a disseminator of trends and innovation who gives us her expert vision. Press Play!

5 Keys to lead a remote team
April 19, 20205 Keys to lead a remote team

How should we go about managing a work team that collaborates from multiple locations? One of the challenges of remote work, as opposed to in-person activities, is leadership. An effective leader needs to adapt to new techniques in a changing landscape where telecommuting takes center stage.

How to make virtual meetings successful
March 22, 2020How to make virtual meetings successful

Do you have to telework but need to share ideas, progress, proposals with other people? Videoconference meetings have arrived to make our lives easier! But doing it professionally requires taking into account various aspects that we are going to share with you: Lights, camera, action!

10 Tips for Teleworking and being productive
March 15, 202010 Tips for Teleworking and being productive

Teleworking today is a global trend (and need). From one day to the next, thousands of workers have begun to experience remote work. But it is not only a question of physical location, but also how to be productive in this situation. We are going to give you some ideas based on our experience.

Competences for Teleworking
March 6, 2019Competences for Teleworking

Good performance should not be solely measured by the number of hours spent in the office but rather by the achievement of tangible results. In today's work landscape, employees increasingly seek agile and flexible work environments. Therefore, it's essential to develop a set of professional skills that support the success of arrangements like remote work.

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