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January 11, 2021

What was read the most about Human Resources in 2020

It is impossible to start a new year without a ranking of the previous one. The best example was while in confinement, the one with the best bread recipe, the one with the best choreography on TikTok... And at Hrider we are faithful every year to the most read posts by HR professionals.

We love to analyze what has aroused the most interest among those who are passionate about Talent Management because, without a doubt, it helps us to better understand how the trends in Human Resources will develop throughout the new year. But let's stop chattering and get to the important stuff:
These are the Top 5 most read posts by the Hrider Feedback Community during 2020!

5th. Why should performance be evaluated?

We love that this post so essential falls in the top best! In recent years, Performance Evaluation has become a must for any organization. Could it be that the guys from Hrider have made it fashionable again by bringing it into the 21st century with a more modern look and a more agile experience?

A company that wants to maintain the commitment, motivation and productivity of its team must have well-structured feedback in its "to do's" list. Thanks to job performance evaluation, we can align the individual development of each employee with the organization's development objectives. And, of course, for Human Resources it is a great ally in order to project the organizational culture.

Of course, do you want good talent management? So don't settle for a single evaluation a year and encourage yourself with feedback on a recurring basis. And in Hrider it's unlimited!

4th. Evaluate your Virtual Climate

Unfortunately 2020 is the year that a pandemic hit the world. Fortunately, you have known how to take care of your team despite all the cons. To want to evaluate the virtual climate is to want to know how employees feel, listen to their concerns and not waste any good ideas that can help you improve as an organization. What we knew as work climate could now be called Virtual Climate, in response to the current context in which thousands of employees went to work remotely from one day to the next.

3rd. How to recognize and avoid bias in Performance Evaluation

And here we go with the best posts at the top of the podium! With the bronze medal (we have missed the Olympic Games!) the post in which we give the keys so you don't fall into cognitive biases in a performance evaluation. Such an important process requires an objective and constructive vision. That's why we liked it so much that you want to know more about how our brain deceives us to see the most common biases coming and avoid them.

2nd. 10 Tips for Teleworking and being productive

In 2020, our relatives finally understood that teleworking, in addition to being a global trend, is also work. As we mentioned, from one day to the next thousands of professionals had to experience for the first time what a home office is, its magnificent advantages and some of its drawbacks (and how to overcome them). .

At HRider each team member decides whether or not they want to telework and, therefore, we have a lot of experience in how to be productive working as a team from anywhere. We know that these 10 tips that help us, they also help you, which is why it has positioned itself as the second most read article on our annual podium!

1st. 5 Keys to lead a remote team

And if working from home, in a tracksuit, with children or four-legged companions, with uncertainty and inexperience seems difficult, How do you lead a remote team?

We love that you love pampering your team so much, it is the foundation of an organization's success! And you have wanted to know how to manage a team in which each person works from a different place with different circumstances. Our gold medal is for that effective leader who knows how to adapt to changing realities and, with these keys, we are sure that you have been one of them, congratulations!

The million dollar question now is: What will 2021 bring us?
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