Corporate Values: the key to good leadership
May 3, 2022Corporate Values: the key to good leadership

The more digital our environment is, the more we need the so-called soft skills. We are talking about the leadership of the future: leadership based on corporate values so that the entire team can join hands and work towards the corporate mission.

Superpowers to manage and resolve a conflict
March 24, 2021Superpowers to manage and resolve a conflict

Part of the job of any professional is to know how to deal with complex situations and act appropriately to resolve them. This includes conflicts that may arise in our day to day. And, in a very special way, human resources professionals must make sure to keep problems at bay so that everything else flows better.

How to return to work after confinement
July 27, 2020How to return to work after confinement

What should a company take into account so that returning to a workplace is safe for its employees, while operations and customer service are resumed? Faced with so many unknowns, we share some recommendations that will help Human Resources professionals to focus on "the new normal".

Why should performance be evaluated?
July 27, 2020Why should performance be evaluated?

Job performance appraisal help align the individual development of each employee with the organization's development goals. It is the cornerstone that allows Human Resources to project the corporate culture, design its policies and define strategies. If we talk about talent management, we must talk about continuous evaluation.

The decorations that cannot be missing on your Christmas tree
December 15, 2019The decorations that cannot be missing on your Christmas tree

What if we manage Human Resources initiatives with the care and preparation that we put into decorating our beautiful Christmas tree? We propose some ideas that will make you shine as a talent management professional and that will enlighten your entire organization.

Brand, Purpose and HR
June 10, 2019Brand, Purpose and HR

"When you hide a part of who you are behind a mask, you hide a part of your creativity." - F. Laloux.
In this post written exclusively for HRider readers, communication and strategy specialist Marcos Guillén Meijide inspires us to reinvent how companies project themselves both externally and internally, using our values as a foundation.

Valentine's Day and the Customer Experience
February 13, 2019Valentine's Day and the Customer Experience

It is often said that love moves the world, and who can argue otherwise? Even in the business world, emotions play a significant role in shaping the strategies of companies. That's why we invite you today to explore the satisfaction that can make your clients feel as if they are experiencing an everlasting Valentine's Day.

What to do after a Performance Appraisal
February 10, 2019What to do after a Performance Appraisal

The professional appraisal process doesn't conclude once all participants have submitted their evaluations and the Human Resources Manager has reviewed the results. There's much more to be done in order to fully realize the benefits of providing feedback to our employees!

Employee Experience and Customer Experience, inseparable
November 25, 2018Employee Experience and Customer Experience, inseparable

What relationship do Employee Experience and Customer Experience have? In this post, we'll explore how a great customer experience hinges on the efforts of our employees. It's no coincidence that the most successful companies in the market are often the ones everyone wants to work for.

Human Resources Checklist
September 25, 2018Human Resources Checklist

There is nothing worse than ending the year without having achieved some of the challenges that excited you at the beginning of January. Remember that time is limited, and you must dedicate yourself to what truly matters, especially in the area of human management, where the work is focused on helping people develop their talent and contribute to achieving the organization's objectives.

How to humanize our organization
July 30, 2018How to humanize our organization

If everyone is convinced that people are an organization's most valuable asset, why aren't more efforts dedicated to humanizing corporate management? Today, we provide you with several tips on how to achieve it.

Why you should take care of your organizational culture
April 16, 2018Why you should take care of your organizational culture

We explain why it's worthwhile to invest modest efforts in nurturing your corporate culture. There's nothing that yields a greater return on investment than a robust organizational culture. Want to learn more?

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