December 15, 2019

The decorations that cannot be missing on your Christmas tree

Oh, white Christmas, snow (...beautiful music plays in the background). Snow or not in your city, surely what isn't missing in your workplace is a beautiful Christmas tree, right?

As always, Christmas is fast approaching and before you know it you have a long list of urgent tasks to tackle before the end of the year. How about we at Human Resources take a moment to resolve some issues ahead of time and make sure we get them ready to enjoy Christmas quietly?

To make it exciting, we ask you to imagine each of these tasks as beautiful decorations on your own Christmas tree. Whether you work in an office or get a Macaulay Culkin test and you work alone at home, there are ornaments that cannot be missing from the tree.


1. Give a good bonus (financial or emotional):

Giving workers a share in the profits and options to provide input on corporate decisions reduces turnover, reduces inequality and improves the Company's bottom line. You can read more about it in this study.

If you can't hang this ornament on your tree, remember that there are many other ways to reward indirectly (emotional salary).

Idea: Creating a good atmosphere is very simple through small gestures: sharing music, ordering sushi from time to time, set up a reading corner so we can rest or be creative...

Do you want more ideas?

2. Help your team discover their purpose:

Economic recognition gives good results, but do you know what will make the people on your team shine even more? Knowing your purpose in the company!

We are referring to implementing a continuous, agile and powerful evaluation process that provides us with information in real time and allows us to know our capabilities and focus our efforts on what adds value. And, above all, to carry it out in an attractive and motivating way so that employees like to participate.

Idea: we are not talking about making an evaluation in the style of the 80s, that decade is fine for a playlist, but not for wasting time on endless excel sheets.

Even more than filling our mouths with shortbread, we like being able to automate and streamline performance evaluations! If you already launch your evaluations with HRider, you know that it is enough to duplicate your previous evaluation and leave it programmed for when you want to send the new one, it couldn't be easier!

3. Develop an Action Plan for the Next Year:

Whether you want to achieve an individual goal, a new group challenge or take advantage of your talents in tasks that you are passionate about, action plans help us chart the path to reach any goal that we set for ourselves.

Effective action plans are those that allow us to divide long-term goals into manageable tasks, so that the collaborator and manager can follow up and, of course, celebrate the achievements. If we like recognition more than nougat!

Idea: ask your employees, before the end of the year, to create together with their Managers an Individual Action Plan for the first 6 months of the new year that is beginning.

4. Measure the Work Climate of your organization:

The Harvard Business Review published an article which highlights some very impressive findings about the cost that organizations have in relation to the levels of happiness of employees. So it's important to watch your stress levels and burnout from our team. Talk to your employees and work with them to determine how the work environment and health of the organization can be improved individually and globally.

Did you know that with Hrider you can receive feedback from your team regarding the environment in the what work? The results will allow you to turn your organization into the most wonderful place possible, measuring the level of all those indicators that you need and obtaining the satisfaction rates in an automated and agile way.

Idea: take the pulse of the environment at least twice a year.

5. Create flexible environments that encourage innovation:

Business cultures have evolved over time, and more traditional structures have suffered for years. If we want more innovation in our team, we must lighten the pressure so that there are spaces and moments where we can think or seek inspiration. If we want employees not to spend hours just chilling in their chair, consider offering work flexibility.

Idea: Allowing each person to manage their time helps boost creativity and productivity.

6. Get into the holiday spirit:

Now that we know that good wishes typical of this time they start from the brain in each one of us, encourages the generation of new neural connections through cross-sectional feedback in work teams.

Remember that there is no better Christmas basket than a good positive feedback. Praising good work is not only beneficial for the self-esteem of the recognized person, it is also good for us!

Idea: We can apply it as a company -with respect to our clients- or individually, in relation to to our manager or colleagues.

If employees take pride in their work, they will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations and want to stay with the organization forever. Because there is no better place than being at home and not having to come back just for Christmas.

Write down these simple tips and make your office tree the most beautiful tree your team could imagine.