June 4, 2018

Rocío ValenzuelaRocío Valenzuela
Hrider Product Manager

10 Benefits you can negotiate, in addition to your salary

In today's professional environments, where people seek to boost their productivity through genuine motivation rather than simply spending long hours in the office, traditional social benefits like health insurance or pension plans have become somewhat outdated and less appealing for achieving the ultimate goal: employee commitment to a long-term work project within the organization.

If what moves a person to choose one project over another is more related to finding meaning in their dedication, having affinity between their own values and those of the company, in addition to being able to work with accessible bosses and a team that you really want to see every day, we should start to consider that negotiating a salary is not enough.

Of course, receiving appropriate compensation for the job we're taking on is crucial, but it's just the foundation of the tree we want to see flourish and grow robustly. So, if we envision our magnificent tree growing majestically, providing us with shade and serenity, we must remember that there are many branches we need to nurture.
In this post, we urge you to get creative when negotiating various aspects that are vital for your professional career and your overall life:


The best thing that can happen to you in your job is having a mentor who guides your learning, watches over your development, and actively creates opportunities for you to unleash your potential. Inquiring about a mentoring program, apart from being a smart move, demonstrates your genuine interest in assimilating and advancing within the company.

Diverse environments and equal opportunities

Not only Millennials value environments where they can be themselves and, consequently, contribute everything that makes them special. More and more, professionals of any age, understand that diverse and inclusive environments are guarantors of professional development, respect for employees and recognition of fair and transparent work, regardless of age, socio-cultural origin or any other factor.

Flexible hours

If the way you organize your day is not at odds with the tasks you have to carry out, it is a great benefit for your personal and professional stability in the short, medium and long term. For those results-oriented people with a high degree of responsibility for their work, flexible hours is almost as valuable as the pay. It is one of the best samples of reciprocal trust and commitment.

Flexibility in where to work from

The digital nomadism is one of the new realities that accompany the process of technological transformation. For many people who, as in the previous point, take responsibility for their functions and have a clear orientation to work for objectives, is another magic compensation formula. Teleworking provides multiple facilities: not having to spend hours on the subway or standing in long queues on the highway, it allows for greater reconciliation with personal life and lowers stress levels. Organizations that promote, to a greater or lesser degree, the possibility of teleworking tend to have more horizontal hierarchical structures or network.

Participatory environment

An open, transparent organization, where you can contribute your vision in confidence and where the anonymity is not the only way to express yourself honestly, it is more effective than salary for retaining talent. Employees don't expect their jobs to be a pointless waste of time and energy. If you have to decide in what conditions you spend your working day, you will not opt for an environment where the culture of fear reigns.

Training and Development

Seek out opportunities for training that are genuinely relevant and intriguing, providing access to specialized books or professional certifications that enhance your job performance and bolster your resume. If you're eager to acquire new skills, consider requesting cross-training, allowing you to participate in tasks from other departments for a few hours. This experience will not only enrich your skill set but also contribute to your value within the organization.

Profit sharing

Nothing is more motivating than realizing that our success is intertwined with the company's success. When negotiating our compensation structure, it's important to consider not only fixed salaries but also variable components, especially as our experience and confidence grow. While variable compensation might carry some degree of risk, it can be a worthwhile choice if you believe in your ability to meet your targets. Additionally, even if there is no direct variable compensation or stock options, some companies share their successes by distributing profits when corporate objectives are met.

Holidays any day of the year

There are people for whom deciding when they enjoy their vacation is important. Perhaps they are travelers and must take into account the monsoon seasons at their destination or perhaps they should be able to adapt their days off to those of their children's school. In any case, not being forced to enjoy their holidays the same time every year can be an important differential factor.

Other social benefits

The list of job benefits that can be interesting for us at any moment of our professional and personal career can be very diverse. We find options such as: mindfulness programs, online healthcare from your workplace, laundry service, gym, food vouchers, even being able to bring your pet to the office!

Many of these initiatives are aimed at valuing the contribution of each employee, helping them in their professional development, and having leaders who know give and receive feedback , and where training to enhance your skills is readily available. These efforts are often part of a broader framework of continuous performance management. It's worth inquiring about the frequency and modernity of the approach to professional performance evaluations within the organization.

The more an organization invests in policies and actions aimed at nurturing talent, the more likely it is that you're in the best possible workplace!