Reskilling and Upskilling: the strategic response to change
September 20, 2022Reskilling and Upskilling: the strategic response to change

In such a competitive job market, many people struggle to keep up with ever-changing technology. But what if there was a way to keep up without spending thousands of dollars on expensive training courses?

Tips for effective Feedback
March 1, 2022Tips for effective Feedback

The difference between giving feedback and giving effective feedback makes all the difference in successful organizations. Taking care of every detail in the feedback will make your team always open to receive and give feedback, and to have a healthy and trusting culture.

Map of strengths and opportunities for professional improvement with the Johari window
September 12, 2021Map of strengths and opportunities for professional improvement with the Johari window

The Johari window is a useful cognitive psychology tool for getting to know ourselves and our relationships with others. We will explain how, from Human Resources, you can use it to create a map of strengths and opportunities for improvement in your organization.

This year give the gift of empowerment
December 22, 2020This year give the gift of empowerment

This year we have learned to telework, to trust our team, to understand the need to consider the human side and the personal situation of each employee. And the leaders who have gone that "extra mile" are the ones who have learned to delegate and have empowered their teams. Do you want to know how they did it?

360º Feedback for professional development
November 16, 2020360º Feedback for professional development

Discover why lately 360º Feedback has always appeared among the Top Human Capital Trends. Over the past few years, HR performance management software based on a 360-degree perspective has become the preferred job performance management solution for a large number of companies. Do you want to know its advantages for the development of people and the organization?

Why should performance be evaluated?
July 27, 2020Why should performance be evaluated?

Job performance appraisal help align the individual development of each employee with the organization's development goals. It is the cornerstone that allows Human Resources to project the corporate culture, design its policies and define strategies. If we talk about talent management, we must talk about continuous evaluation.

How can we stay focused?
July 8, 2020How can we stay focused?

There are certain moments or situations that cause us to disperse in our activities and it is difficult to focus to be decisive.
For this reason, we have compiled some tips and reflections that will help us be more productive and feel much better and calmer at the end of the day.

How to make a 9-Box Talent Matrix (Nine Box)
April 13, 2020How to make a 9-Box Talent Matrix (Nine Box)

Building a Nine Box Talent Matrix has never been easier. With Hrider's N-Box functionality, you can create 9-box matrices as well as 4-, 16-, and 25-quadrant matrices that correlate different variables such as performance and potential. In this tutorial you will learn what they are and how to easily create them step by step.

Continuous training or professional death
September 16, 2019Continuous training or professional death

In this post we launch a new collaboration with Ángel Fraga, passionate about talent development, Director of the Instituto Galego do Talento -IGATA-, who shows us with figures and solid arguments the fundamental importance of training for professional development.

7 ways to maximize your professional development
August 7, 20197 ways to maximize your professional development

Your Career Plan should not be solely in the hands of your company. No one is better than yourself to define your own professional development strategy. We will help you draw up a Perfect Plan so that you can achieve what you set out to do.

8 tips to be a great Leader
September 25, 20188 tips to be a great Leader

One of the best-kept secrets of Human Resources management is that it's actually the employees who choose to work with their boss, not the other way around. If an employee isn't motivated, they won't be truly productive. And who is responsible for supporting people so that a team works harmoniously?

How to have an innovative team
June 25, 2018How to have an innovative team

To grow as a company, we need motivated individuals who can explore innovative ways to improve our operations on a daily basis. In today's post, we'll delve into the topic of fostering creativity among employees and creating environments where innovation thrives.

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