September 25, 2018

8 tips to be a great Leader

They tell you that you're a good boss but they don't invite you to parties? When you enter a common area of the office, does everyone shut up? Let's be honest, it's easier to meet someone who doesn't know who Daenerys is than it is to find a perfect leader.
If you want to be the boss you've always imagined you would be, it's important to improve your leadership skills because good leaders are made, not born. So in today's post, we bring you 7 tips that will help you improve your leadership skills:

A good leader builds bonds of trust

There are many benefits that trust brings us, among them: achieving effective communication, generating the long-awaited engagement of employees and improving work performance. To do this, you must be transparent, empathetic and you must know how to work as a team. Being a leader means influencing and motivating others to bring out the best in themselves!

A good leader actively listens

Generating effective communication includes knowing how to listen. Forget monologues and one-way conversations, give your employees the opportunity to speak to improve the relationship of the whole team and to discover, for example, what tools they need to improve their skills.

A good leader nips problems at the root

It is vital for the health of your team, and yours, that you know how to deal with problems immediately. Sweeping them under the rug is just as ineffective as shoving everything in the closet when your mom asked you to tidy up your room. Do not procrastinate.
As a leader, you will have to face problems head-on and put out fires. But, above all, try to prevent problems by identifying potential risks and taking preventive measures.

A good leader delegates to their team

Taking on endless responsibilities won't make you a better boss, but it will make your team feel ineffective. As an effective leader, you will have to know how to trust your collaborators by giving them specific responsibilities.
Avoid falling into micromanagement and empower your team. Delegation is crucial to organizational success, and you're aware of it!

A good leader does not preach

You're a leader, not a pocket-edition guru. Instead of engaging in small talk, encourage action plans to develop your collaborators by nurturing their talent and knowledge. Provide them with appropriate follow-up, ensuring that they can grow with you.

A good leader seeks to improve their skills

As a good leader and professional, you must continually learn and engage in a process of continuous improvement. There is always something you can work on or a new skill that will benefit you to master. And don't forget to share your learnings with your team!

A good leader is contagious

The passion and energy you bring to work are contagious, so share them with your team members! Can you think of anything more motivating than an enthusiastic leader who believes in the work they do? Yes, an enthusiastic leader with pizza.

A good leader has Flow

 It's not necessary to dress like J Balvin, but having your personal touch is essential. Depending on your personality, this can manifest in various ways. Ultimately, it's about bringing something unique to your leadership, whether it's motivating your team by allowing them to bring their pets to the office once a week, using your sense of humor, or showing interest in your employees' personal lives to get to know them better and support them in their work. What's your style?


Job-satisfied individuals are those who have managers that exhibit inspiring leadership, promote open communication, and help them understand the purpose of their work. As we've previously mentioned here , one in two employees leave their job due to poor leadership from their boss.

Are you willing to become the leader you've always wanted to have?


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