5 books about work (and 8 recommendations from the Hrider team)
April 22, 20245 books about work (and 8 recommendations from the Hrider team)

Los libros nos acompañan durante toda nuestra vida, en nuestro desarrollo personal y en el profesional. Para celebrar el Día del Libro, te traemos libros que hablan sobre el trabajo y muchos otros libros que recomienda el equipo de Hrider.

Neuroscience in the company, with Luis Castellanos
May 19, 2020Neuroscience in the company, with Luis Castellanos

A new installment of our Podcast: "Journey to the World of Human Resources and beyond!" What effects does positive language have on people's lives? How is neuroscience applied to the professional field advancing? We interviewed Luis Castellanos: a philosopher, researcher and disseminator who gives us his vision based on his experiences and experiments. Press Play!

Continuous training or professional death
September 16, 2019Continuous training or professional death

In this post we launch a new collaboration with Ángel Fraga, passionate about talent development, Director of the Instituto Galego do Talento -IGATA-, who shows us with figures and solid arguments the fundamental importance of training for professional development.

7 ways to maximize your professional development
August 7, 20197 ways to maximize your professional development

Your Career Plan should not be solely in the hands of your company. No one is better than yourself to define your own professional development strategy. We will help you draw up a Perfect Plan so that you can achieve what you set out to do.

Phrases to give wings to your organization
April 22, 2018Phrases to give wings to your organization

On April 23, the day when the world celebrates literature, we pay tribute to those books and writers who provide us with the wings to imagine and explore other possible worlds.

Competitions for 2018 and beyond
January 1, 2018Competitions for 2018 and beyond

Are you ready to launch yourself into learning and training the skills that the world of work will need in 2018 and in the years to come? We are going to give you some clues about which will be the most important so that you can start training your talent.

Are you ready to be a Leader?
June 20, 2017Are you ready to be a Leader?

Working with people is a challenge that is both exciting and complex. This is why we must always remember the type of leader we aspire to be. Leading a work team is a skill that can be acquired through practice, and we're here to share some valuable tips with you.

How Feedback helps me at work
June 11, 2017How Feedback helps me at work

Not only experts in Human Resources and Talent Management can tell us how Feedback and Continuous Evaluation processes help us do our jobs better. Today, we speak with one of those anonymous heroes from whom we have a lot to learn.

I am 12 years old and I also grow with Feedback
April 16, 2017I am 12 years old and I also grow with Feedback

And if we ask a child what it is for them to give and receive feedback? We believe that development-oriented communication is a process of human resources professionals and employees in an organization... but is it really so?

What scares employees?
October 30, 2016What scares employees?

We take advantage of Halloween to talk about those "terrifying" work environments where professional development does not appear in the office, where it seems that everything is done wrong and where the bosses act as protagonists of a nightmare from which many would like to wake up.

Discover the trick that will boost your career
October 5, 2016Discover the trick that will boost your career

We've crafted this post to unveil a secret that some have begun to uncover. This secret has the power to help boost your career and enhance your skills with minimal effort. Are you eager to learn more about it?

Feedback is the New Black
August 3, 2016Feedback is the New Black

A new talent management model, based on continuous communication, is here to stay. Feedback is much more than a trend that is beginning to be adopted in many organizations, it is the response to the demand of the new employee profile who is looking for an environment where they can help them develop and where they can actively participate in the corporate project.

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