Cover of the podcast with Luis Castellanos who is going to explain to us what the relationship is between neuroscience and HR

May 19, 2020

Neuroscience in the company, with Luis Castellanos

Welcome to the new podcast from the HRider team, Journey into the World of HR and Beyond!

As we told you in our first episode, the objective of these podcasts is to share news, interviews, books and anything else related to the world of HR in a stimulating way, seeking out points of view from people who may not have to be closely related to the field.

In our second episode we will deal with neuroscience in business and, as always, we will do it in the best company.

In the first block, Daniel del Río and Lucía Solla will whet our appetite with basic questions about the neuroscience of language and how it can help us in our daily lives . Rocío Valenzuela will also be the one to tell us about our guest today and give us some background.

Luis Castellanos, the star of the interview in the second block of the podcast, is a philosopher and pioneer in the study of positive language. Lucía will ask questions that affect us all: How does it affect how we talk about the pandemic in our daily lives? Can a manager influencethe motivation of their team froma distance? Can we rebuild ourselves, beyond our experiences, through language?

To help you delve deeper into this topic, and into the science behind his conclusions, we would like to inform you that Luis Castellanos is the author of the following books:

  • The science of positive language. In this book you will find the scientific explanations that support the power of positive language to improve our lives, our health, our productivity and our happiness.
  • Educate in positive language. Through an educational project, lived words make it possible for us to have a good life. If we know how to use words, we will be able to build narratives that will help us live better educate our children better.
  • The language of happiness. Its five chapters plan a transformation of our language in three steps: take control of your attention, take control of your time, and take control of your narratives.

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