Checklist with the most important points for human resources

September 25, 2018

Human Resources Checklist

There are only three months left until the end of the year, which means deadlines, projects, and resolutions are approaching. Have you accomplished everything you wanted in your organization? It's a good time to catch up on what you've been letting go and plan for the next year.
Before you become overwhelmed, we've created a checklist for you to quickly see what you still need to do in Human Resources:
  • Strategic planDetermine next year's HR needs and meet with management to set department goals and budgets for the coming year.


  • Payroll: Calculate year-end bonuses so they are ready to be paid on time and if there are going to be salary increases starting January 1st, plan for salary adjustments. If the salary increases are also related to the results of the performance evaluations, do not forget to review the end-of-year reports. Check your payroll system and make sure that all the data is up to date.


  • Performance evaluation: If you carry out performance evaluations in your organization - and if not, what are you waiting for? try our demo!- We're sure that you had at least one scheduled for the end of the year. In addition to meeting this year's deadlines and starting to set up this final assessment of 2018, be sure to create next year's feedback initiative calendar so both supervisors and employees are aware of the assessment periods. Performance reviews are a fundamental part of talent management, as well as feedback favors commitment, so make sure that it is a continuous process over time and, therefore, that they are within the projects approved for next year.


  • Policies and Procedures: Is everything up to date? Is there a document that needs an update or that needs to be requested? Go through all the documents and make sure that you only store the ones that you will need. And most importantly: communicate them and share them with the whole team!


  • Training schedule: Which people need training and when? Through individual development plans or action plans, it will be much easier to follow up on these trainings and confirm that they are being met.


  • Selection: Check the needs of staff from each department to plan new recruitments. Start by updating job descriptions for each position (it will help you for recruiting and performance reviews). An important piece of advice: before looking out there, make sure that you do not already have an employee with the skills you need and who would be happy if they could fill in for any of the new openings.


  • Set new goals: Think about the Goals for the coming year requires spending a lot of time, start early, to take into account global, departmental and individual aspirations.


  • General cleaning: We are not talking about the wrappers that you have hidden there, but about all the emails in your "Drafts" tray that you will never send, the projects that have been frozen or lost...identify if you are going to resume them and if no, it's time to send them to Mordor and not become a pending task that will never be completed. Do a thorough review and clean slate.


  • Check your subscriptions: Which contracts with your suppliers are about to expire and when? The review of contracts and their terms are also essential in the strategic plan and you should think about renewing or changing your suppliers for other more agile ones that better suit your needs.


  • Have an event at the end of the year: A lunch, a dinner, a party, a fun workshop, an escape room... inside or outside your facilities, as long as the attention is not focused on work. In addition, these actions stimulate innovation and creativity, don't give them up! A united team is the best New Year's resolution you can have for human resources.
How many tasks have you checked off? Don't bury your head like an ostrich if you have more work than you thought. Tackling your to-do list as the last quarter approaches doesn't have to be stressful. It's a sign of your commitment to meeting the year's challenges. Get to work as soon as possible!
And remember, we're here to assist with your Performance Evaluation process and ensure its success! Wishlists and checklists aren't exclusive to Netflix and Amazon. You're welcome to follow ours or create your own!