February 13, 2024

5 games to celebrate Valentine's Day as a team

Telecommuting and Valentine's Day have two things in common: die-hard fans and terrified detractors. Valentine's Day is a big day for those who love to brag about their love and give super tacky gifts. But it's also for those who hate it when others brag; it's their perfect day to take out all the hate on social media, making Valentine's Day even more viral. So why not celebrate Valentine's Day at work as well? Well, sorry haters for that as well.
Since any excuse to celebrate at work is a good excuse to bring the team together, we can't let February 14th pass us by. nd what's better than playing games and having some fun every now and again,especially if there are people working remotely
Here are 5 free games for remote fun on Valentine's Day (or any day):

Gartic Phone

Remember when you used to play Chinese Whispers on your first birthday? Well, this game is very similar, but more fun! You have to show how good you are at drawing. And don't worry, the worse you draw, the more fun it will be.
Each member of the team has to draw a phrase that another member has written, there is a limited time to make the drawing and also to think of a phrase, then the drawings are rotated and you have to guess what it is. At the end, all the drawings are shown, along with the titles given to each one. We assure you that you will laugh a lot and your inside jokes will come out. 
Here is an example of a drawing by our talented Katia:
From the first sentence: Lucia signing her future bestseller, we end with another sentence: "the bestseller of 2024". Will I be a bestseller? I'm not so sure. 
There are rooms of various sizes. Up to 50 people can participate in each room. We recommend that you all connect via video call to discuss and laugh even more.


A guessing game with many marvellous attractions: you compete with your teammates, there are very crazy questions and the faster you are, the more points you get. You can also create your own questions, choose themes...
Last time we played Kahoot!, we chose the Christmas Movie category and discovered that certain people on our team have never seen The Holiday, even on its cheesiest day. Who doesn't want to watch Kate Winslet for two hours? If there are disagreements within the team due to differing opinions, don't worry. We are equipped to handle difficult situations.


How good are you at Pictionary and how good are you at drawing with the pointer? In Drawize, there are no teams, everyone guesses the drawing of one of their teammates.
When it is someone's turn to draw, the game gives them three options and they choose which one they want to draw. More or less points are awarded depending on the level of difficulty. The faster you guess, the more points you get.

This rose has entered the top of the best drawings, which tells you everything.
You can create an exclusive room for your team, and you can play in multiple languages if you have a multinational team like we do. Or if you just want to practice a language and make it more complicated.


It is very simple, but you are guaranteed to laugh. In each round, there is an initial and several topics. You have to write a word from each category that starts with that letter and... wait to read what each of you have written. You will be very surprised by the wit of each partner.
Can you think of anything you would put in the back of the car? I can't either.
Speaking of initials, have you heard about our Human Resources Dictionary? It's a valuable tool for professionals who want to have fun at work and keep up to date. With our dictionary, you won't miss a thing.


This page is compatible with all video call platforms and allows you to create different types of games to share with your whole team: 
Each game has a recommended minimum and maximum, so you can choose the game according to the size of your team. What would you rather lose? You have the choice.
When we think of ideas to bring the team closer together and foster a good workingwe have to think of the whole team: the one that works remotely, the one that is in another country with a different time zone, the one that has different needs... Online games are usually a very good way to take all these factors into account and have a good time. The result? A good bellyache from laughter and a more united team that knows each other a little better.