March 17, 2016

Rocío ValenzuelaRocío Valenzuela
Hrider Product Manager

360º Feedback or how to modernize internal communication

In companies, internal communication seeks to keep all employees informed of relevant aspects, while allowing them to express everything they consider important in their work environment. With this, what is achieved is a more efficient company with employees who are more committed to their activity.

But to do this, the traditional suggestion box or the talks during the coffee break are not enough, it is necessary to establish an effective strategy from the direction that encourages the collaboration and participation of all without forgetting that it is necessary to have adequate tools.

For this we recommend:

  • Do not exclude anyone from communication processes. Transparency is one of the pillars on which we must base our communication with employees. If we separate certain groups, we will be sending a message with which it is better not to identify. In addition, it is very valuable to have a 360º vision where the opinions of all roles are valued. Even if it's a new scholarship holder, get him involved!
  • Positively reinforce participatory attitudes, especially those that are more constructive. When we send an opinion questionnaire there will always be people with great ideas to improve any aspect of the organization. Rest assured that these are your most committed collaborators, repay their trust, and let them know you value their input (and get a lot of it going!)
  • Make communication a recurring process. Isolated actions do not usually provide significant results. For communication to flow we have to create a culture of feedback shared by all. To do this we have to commit to using this tool repeatedly. Organizations change and we cannot allow decision makers to be the last to know what is happening!
  • Establish agile communication channels. The theory is very beautiful and today we all want to work in environments where communication flows, but we must base it on real, tangible supports that avoid spending time on useless bureaucratic tasks. If we also have a system that provides us with analytics of the feedback processes in real time, we will be able to make the best decisions with the information obtained! (Does that sound like "digital transformation" to you?)

Internal communication not only promotes better coordination and climate, but more information also translates into more engagement and, therefore, more possibilities for employees to also know and recommend your company's services or products.

Recent studies provide overwhelming data such as that 74% of employees declare themselves lost in relation to the information of their companies (Mindshare NA & Dynamic Signal) despite the fact that 66% of them would be willing to recommend the services of their companies if they had more data about them.

Do you know how old the suggestion box is? 117 years! Surely since 1899 we have learned new, more effective techniques, right? Let's get them going!


Hrider not only facilitates performance evaluation processes, but also allows you to automate any 360º Feedback process in the that you need, in an agile and dynamic way, request the participation of your employees on any matter (opinion, satisfaction, training needs, knowledge test, etc).