Human Resources Checklist
September 25, 2018Human Resources Checklist

There is nothing worse than ending the year without having achieved some of the challenges that excited you at the beginning of January. Remember that time is limited, and you must dedicate yourself to what truly matters, especially in the area of human management, where the work is focused on helping people develop their talent and contribute to achieving the organization's objectives.

8 tips to be a great Leader
September 25, 20188 tips to be a great Leader

One of the best-kept secrets of Human Resources management is that it's actually the employees who choose to work with their boss, not the other way around. If an employee isn't motivated, they won't be truly productive. And who is responsible for supporting people so that a team works harmoniously?

How to humanize our organization
July 30, 2018How to humanize our organization

If everyone is convinced that people are an organization's most valuable asset, why aren't more efforts dedicated to humanizing corporate management? Today, we provide you with several tips on how to achieve it.

7 things to do before going on vacation
July 15, 20187 things to do before going on vacation

When the vacation period approaches in the office, there's still time to undertake several activities that can boost our productivity before and after our time off. How many of these practices does your organization implement?

How to take advantage of generational diversity
July 2, 2018How to take advantage of generational diversity

Our career paths now extend alongside our increasing life expectancy. It's not only important to find enjoyment in our work but also to learn from those around us to continue evolving. Intergenerational diversity is a significant aspect worth paying attention to.

Diversity leaps into a company
March 4, 2018Diversity leaps into a company

A new trend transcends social reality to enter our workplaces and become an economic asset. Discover the power of diversity in our team and how to make the most of it.

Why is Digital Transformation necessary?
January 16, 2018Why is Digital Transformation necessary?

Many of us agree that digital transformation helps organizations to be more competitive and their employees to be more productive. That is why we wanted to compile a list of benefits so that no one can resist the new Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Competitions for 2018 and beyond
January 1, 2018Competitions for 2018 and beyond

Are you ready to launch yourself into learning and training the skills that the world of work will need in 2018 and in the years to come? We are going to give you some clues about which will be the most important so that you can start training your talent.

Can we do more with less?
November 27, 2017Can we do more with less?

Improving productivity and time management is a challenge. Today, we'll discuss the "Time Theming" technique used by companies like Google, Apple, and Twitter to enhance performance and achieve better results.

How to report a negative result
November 19, 2017How to report a negative result

When providing feedback to our team members, it's not always about congratulating them on their successes. Often, we must also address areas where improvement is needed. Delivering less-than-positive feedback can be a challenging task.

The future of work
October 10, 2017The future of work

The vital keys for organizations to shape their strategic planning and internal management for long-term survival are well-documented. Here are some of these keys, urging you to implement them to foster an engaging and promising work environment:

The role of Feedback in Digital Transformation
September 4, 2017The role of Feedback in Digital Transformation

In this blog post authored by the individual who penned #DePaletoAYoutuber, we learned that feedback plays a pivotal role in the digital transformation process.