July 15, 2018

7 things to do before going on vacation

You are counting the days until that long-awaited vacation you so desire arrives. Or maybe you are one of those people who are mentally on vacation and you can already see yourself queuing at the most crowded beach bar. Because even if you love your job, you need vacations to keep up your motivation, your commitment, your performance and, of course, to take care of your mental health.


Be that as it may, it is very important that you leave everything ready at work before monopolizing the sand on the beach with your XXL towel. We are always so connected that it is difficult to disconnect from work, so in order to really relax on your vacation, you must do a few things beforehand so that your absence is as little noticed as possible and that your rest is not interrupted by desperate calls or emails from your colleagues or your boss.

So write down these series of tasks that we must do before leaving the office and that will be better than the ice cream under the umbrella:
  • Prioritize your tasks: Create a list of all your pending tasks and projects in the days and weeks leading up to your vacation. Determine which tasks can be delayed, which are important, and which are urgent.


  • Make a to-do list to complete when you return: Make a list of tasks you'll need to complete when you return from your vacation. This will help you transition back into work mode smoothly.


  • Coordinate with your manager and your colleagues: First of all, inform your colleagues that you have requested vacations, not all companies use a system with a common vacation calendar. The next step is to update your manager and your colleagues so that everyone knows who is going to cover certain tasks of yours -if necessary- and if you leave something pending to be done. Of course, do not notify from one day to the next, it is ugly and you have to give them time so that they can solve doubts with you and tie up any loose ends before you leave and make them jealous from all those posts on social media.


  • Delegate to your colleagues: office life goes on while you're trying to set up Netflix on the hotel TV, so talk with those people who can replace you during your absence. Meet with them to inform them about the status of those projects in which they will replace you during those days, and don't forget to thank them!


  • Turn off notifications: If you have a work phone, turn it off and forget it! If you're using personal, turn off all notifications that have to do with work—everything, even social media! Email, Slack, Google Calendar, LinkedIn, etc.


  • Leave your space tidy: If you work in an office, not only out of respect for your colleagues, but also so that when you return you can find your much nicer workspace. Clean your desk, water the plants, and either eat the banana or throw it away, but we assure you that you won't want to smell it two weeks from now. Unplug all your electronic devices to save energy. And yes, if you work from home, all of this applies as well.


  • Set up an automatic email alert: It's not okay to leave someone unanswered for no apparent reason. Let the technology work for you and take care of notifying you about the days you will be away and even who they can contact until you return.

If you follow these tips, your colleagues won't suffer too much from your absence, and you'll return without a severe case of post-vacation syndrome (well, maybe just a little). It's essential to acknowledge your colleagues for their efforts in covering for you to prevent excessive work piling up during your vacation.

If you're a manager, ensure that your team enjoys their well-deserved rest days to recharge. Avoid interrupting their vacation or contacting them, as it can create unnecessary stress.
Lastly, don't forget your sunscreen! While the sunglasses tan lines or the book on your belly might be amusing for a while, taking care of your skin and avoiding sunburn is essential. Now, you can go on vacation with peace of mind. Don't forget to send us some photos! We'll be waiting for you with more posts and perhaps a playlist!