June 29, 2022

7 tips for connecting with your team (or reconnect)

All of us need support to be successful at work. However, sometimes we find it difficult to connect with others because we feel isolated, misunderstood, or simply because we don't have enough time to nurture relationships with our peers.
Whether you're a leader with experience or your its's your first time managing, these tips will make your team relationships irresistible:
  1. Acknowledgment: Feedback is the foundation of any healthy relationship. And yes, of course negative feedback is necessary, it helps us to continue growing!, but if we need to approach someone, it would be better to start by highlighting the best skill each person has at their workstation. Remember that its is ideal that feedback is given individually and at the right time.
  2. Assign Meaningful Jobs: People who do things with a purpose and a meaning tend to be happier at work than those who simply go through the motions. Make sure your team knows how important it is for the organization to be able to assign them such significant tasks. Do you know how wonderful it is that they can brag about their work when they are among friends?
  3. Use emojis: Emojis mean stickers, gifs or whatever your communication platform allows. According to a study by Tomoko Yokoi and Jennifer Jodan , emojis help us to get a better understanding with our team and reinforce the organizational culture. It is not feedback and it will not help us to understand the work environment either, we just have to understand it for what it is: something fun that allows us to get closer to the expressions we would make if we were talking in person.
  4. Weekly meetings: Periodic team meetings are great so that those ties we are working on do not weaken. Also so that everyone is up to date and so that there is greater team awareness. Also, through video calls to take into account people who work remotely.
  5. Encourage informal interactions: Taking into account the previous point, meetings do not always have to have a business focus. Just like in a physical office people are not always sitting down working, they sometimes get up to have a coffee, smoke together or show each other some memes, we have to facilitate more informal exchanges, whereever the location, so that the team is strengthened with humor, common likes, online games...
  6. Ask for feedback: The best way to connect with your team effectively is for you, as a leader, to keep improving. This means that you have to ask them for feedback. It's great that they know how to improve individually and as a team, but what about you? Take advantage of the 270º performance review and the individual meetings so that your team can express theirselves freely. And don't take it personally!
  7. Express gratitude: Is there anything better than being thanked? When leaders thank people on their team for their contribution, something within the team begins to shine. It's not love, but it's very close to falling head over heels and you feel like you're on top of the world. Barbara Frederickson, in her book Positivity, found that high-performing teams gave five positive comments for every negative one, while average teams had a 3-1 ratio.
We told you, these tips are more irresistible than Harry Styles' looks. But be careful, don't forget that the best way to build solid ties with your team is by getting to know them. And there is no better way to get to know people than by giving them freedom of speech: self-assessments, work environment processes, interviews... And for you to get to know us better, we are going to give you a free trial of Hrider, discover everything you can do to boost your Talent Management!:

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