January 7, 2020

The most read articles in Human Resources in 2019

Amidst the nougats and champagne toasts, did you find the time to catch up on everything you wanted to know about Talent Management? Don't worry! Once again, we've compiled the most popular articles of 2019 for you.
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And now, without further ado, here are the top 5 most-read articles of the year:

5th. What is talent?

Every day, people discuss talent, yet seldom do they delve deep into its true essence. That's why we're thrilled that you've appreciated our brief study on the subject. Within it, we've delineated what talent represents from three distinct perspectives, and we've gathered the definitions provided by some eminent professionals in the field. What does talent mean to you?

4th. What to do after a Performance Evaluation

This tutorial absolutely had to be included in the ranking. The Professional Evaluation process doesn't conclude when all participants finish their assessments; that's just the start! To maximize the benefits, we've provided guidance on considering 8 keys that guarantee the success of an Evaluation. From analyzing the results to conducting follow-up assessments, there are numerous factors to take into account!

3rd. Competences for teleworking

The champion of flexibility and work-life balance takes the spotlight: teleworking. An increasing number of employees aspire to reap the benefits of remote work. However, efficient telecommuting demands the possession or development of a specific skill set. In this post, we discuss these skills that you found so interesting. Thank you!

2nd. Tips to be a great leader

If there's one thing we're passionate about in the realm of modernizing people management, it's having you join us in this revolution. We are thrilled that one of the most read articles discusses becoming an inspiring leader—the leader you've always aspired to be.

...And in first place in our reader ranking:

1st. Reasons why a good work environment is important

Let us celebrate with tears of joy, knowing that this topic has been our readers' favorite. And you know how essential it is to create a positive working environment! The most-read article of all 2018 focused on the factors that motivate employees the most, beyond just salary. This year, the winning article discussed the significance of a healthy work environment and the resulting job satisfaction. Taking care of, measuring, and strengthening the organizational work environment only yields benefits across the board!

Thank you for joining us for another year reading and spreading our posts. If there is a topic that interests you especially, tell us what it is and we will write about it delightedly. Sharing practical ideas about Human Resources is the foundation of our Community and we love that you are part of it .

Let's go for a new 2020 full of new content!