January 8, 2019

The most read HR in 2018

Guess what could be the next sentence to this one: Happy New Year!

How did you spend the Christmas holidays? Have you already broken some resolutions, do you still have a bit of hard nougat stuck to your teeth, and is Mariah Carey's song still playing in your head? Welcome to the club!
The consequences of all those parties and family meals are taking a toll on everyone, but not on our blog! We want to kick off the year in the best way: with a countdown of the top 5 posts from 2018 that you liked the most. We sure do love a good ranking!

These are the five most-read articles published in the last twelve months:

5th. Millennials in numbers:

What an amazing feeling to see that you enjoyed our study on Millennials so much! Through our objective analysis, we've discovered the top competencies of this generational group, based on the results of more than 1,500 respondents. While many of you might have expected innovation to top the list, millennials excel in respect, commitment, and ethics.
Millennials place greater importance on corporate culture than previous generations. They value not just their salaries but also having managers who consider their work. This generation seeks transparency within organizations and appreciates a robust recognition policy.

4th. How to have an innovative team:

You might have a team filled with millennials or a superbly diverse generational mix, but without a culture that promotes innovation, your results might be lackluster in the long run. That's precisely why this post ranks fourth in your list of top reads from 2018.
In this article, we delve into how to build an innovative team. It includes sharing information with all employees to bolster their commitment to the organization's mission and resolve issues more efficiently. Additionally, it explores granting autonomy to your team to think and create without being overly dependent on their manager's approval.

3rd. Why you should take care of your organizational culture:

We absolutely adore having readers and clients who are genuinely concerned about and engaged with their organizational culture because it's the linchpin of any company! Organizational culture encompasses the values, behaviors, and language that constitute the entity's environment. It dictates how we work and interact, making it crucial to an organization's well-being.
In this post, you'll discover many benefits of a robust organizational culture. We won't spoil the content for you, but we can't help mentioning a few, such as improved customer service, heightened engagement, and increased talent attraction. We're truly excited about this one!

2nd. Job Performance Spoilers:

When we wrote this post we were very clear that we have all suffered from procrastination, that's why this post is the second most shared on social media. It's always handy to have an arsenal of strategies to thwart these saboteurs.

No need to dwell on it any longer; if distractions like smartphones and other temptations hinder your productivity, you'll find solutions right here!

Drumroll, please!
And now, without further ado, let's unveil the most-read post of 2018!

1st. 10 Benefits You Can Negotiate Besides Your Salary:

BOOM! Yes, you're absolutely right! How could this post not be the most-read? It's a magnificent post where we share valuable insights on the benefits you can negotiate beyond your salary. You'll discover creative ideas that can lead to a significant boost in satisfaction, both in the short and long term. These are aspects that not only benefit your motivation but also contribute positively to the company and its employees.
Would you like a sneak peek? How about exploring options like flexible working hours, the ability to take vacations any time of the year, or the opportunity to telecommute? Don't miss out!
So, that wraps up our ranking of the best posts of 2018. Thank you very much for reading, subscribing, sharing, and providing feedback on each of our posts. We promise to keep delivering insightful content in 2019, addressing the topics that matter most in Human Resources and Talent Management.
Stay tuned for our next post!