Zombie coming out of his cave like the zombie that appears in your office after reading this post

October 24, 2017

Is there a zombie in your office?

They walk among us, asking for change for the coffee machine, rolling their eyes when a colleague assigns them a task, spending their mornings checking their mobile phone notifications, and sometimes even drooling over the thought of leaving on time. Yes, they are the zombie workers!

According to a recent study by recent study by Aon Hewitt, less than a quarter of the world's employees are engaged in their work. And when employee engagement levels are low, organizations experience higher staff turnover, increased absenteeism, and lower customer satisfaction. It's a real disaster!"


What causes some workers to lose their vitality and become like zombies? Here are some factors:
  • Lack of training and stagnation: Changes in the work model and the rise of digitization can create anxiety, especially among pre-millennial generations who were accustomed to long-term, stable jobs.
  • An outdated CV: Skills and competencies in demand change rapidly, making resumes outdated quickly. Employees may feel fear when they know their current skills might expire.
  • The lack of emotional reward: Long hours, job insecurity, inflexible schedules, and subpar salaries can lead to low enthusiasm among employees. A high emotional reward can help keep them engaged.
  • Bosses disconnected from the new reality: Organizations that stick with archaic procedures and don't give employees a voice or creative tasks can lead to disengagement.
  • Or they just don't like their job: We have recently talked about this topic and you can read about how to fall in love with work again here.
Boo! What a spine-chilling sight! Employees devoured by boredom, devoured by poor management, and devoured by tasks that offer no room for innovation or reflection... how terrifying! Are you also haunted by the fear of workplaces turning into office-cemeteries where every employee succumbs to becoming a zombie? You are? Well, you're in for a treat, as there are more strategies for reviving these employees. Hell yeah!
It might sound like quite a spectacle to see these office zombies making their entrance, shrouded in a trail of smoke, decked out in jackets reminiscent of Michael Jackson's in Thriller, or donned in attire straight out of Morticia Addams' wardrobe. But instead, they shuffle in, dragging their feet, sporting an expression of apathy that barely squeezes through the doorway. To add to that, they bring down the organization's overall performance and risk infecting their fellow colleagues.

Let's introduce more solutions to prevent and revive Office Zombies, muahaha!:

  • Constant communication: When you have a team that is dedicated to your organization, the least you can do for them is communicate constantly the achievement of objectives, the results... This way, you will make employees realize the impact of their work on the organization.
  • Offer a Career: Feeling stuck is as bad for an employee as garlic is for a vampire. Organizations grow and needs change. Give your employees the opportunity to learn more, take on new projects and grow in their jobs.
  • Culture of trust: The more trust there is in the organization, the greater the commitment. Do you meet the expectations you generate? Do your actions match your words?
  • Flexibility: As we mentioned before, labor flexibility is a necessity of the present. Give employees the freedom to adjust their schedules or workplace to suit their needs. Workers with flexible hours and locations are more productive, happier, and more engaged.
  • Show appreciation and give them a voice: Glassdoor found that 80% of employees say they will stay at a job longer if they receive recognition from their boss . On the other hand, make them feel that they are part of the process, that their input is important, and that they have a say in job performance.
  • Evaluation and Self-Assessment: Employees not only need to know the evaluation of their Supervisors and Colleagues, they need to ask themselves for their skills and performance, in what is considered good? What is weak and would you like to improve it? Should I change tasks or position? Are your skills still needed? What objectives could be set to create an Action Plan to help you improve? What skills could you work on to increase your potential?

The key to ending zombie workers is to turn them into continuous learners and, of course, into committed employees so that, in addition to being workers, they are living. Don't forget that engagement leads to productivity and productivity leads to prosperity, which in turn leads to a healthier organization.

And to bring anyone back to life, there is nothing better than music! We have prepared a terrifyingly good Playlist of songs on Spotify for you to celebrate Halloween in your office. Press Play!

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The bad boss costume is scary, but scarier if it's not just a costume!
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