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May 9, 2017

Immediate benefits of performance appraisal

You all know how much we love feedback – we can't live without it. It's the lifeblood of any healthy organization. We've even delved into the realm of negative feedback. However, effective feedback requires context and a bit of planning. You can't just stroll into the office like you're in an '80s movie, toss your briefcase in the air, and start spouting, 'That's cool! Not that!' We won't tell you not to do it because, let's be honest, it would probably get some laughs around the office. But real constructive feedback doesn't quite work that way.

What's the professional framework for giving feedback? The performance appraisal!

But we're not talking about the old-style evaluations from the '80s – once a year, endless Excel sheets, countless data entries, months spent trying to make sense of it all. In short, a tedious task that eats up a lot of time. We're talking about implementing an agile and powerful continuous evaluation process that provides real-time information and lets us monitor improvement initiatives. Most importantly, we're talking about doing it in a way that employees actually enjoy participating in!

If you're still not sure whether or not to conduct performance appraisals for your staff, here are some of the immediate benefits your organization will experience:

Motivated employees

Performance evaluations measure how effectively our team carries out their work and interacts with others. This creates opportunities for employees and the entire organization to become more efficient, motivating team members to excel in their roles. It allows them to engage in meaningful discussions with their supervisors, learn how to improve their skills, and build their confidence.

Increase commitment and reduce burnout syndrome

There's no better way to engage people than by allowing them to participate and provide insight into their own work, as well as how to improve their colleagues' work. When individuals have the opportunity to express themselves and feel heard, it can reduce tension within the organization. By providing employees with fair treatment based on principles of transparent recognition, organizations promote an achievement-oriented culture and avoid the negative consequences of presenteeism.

Talent detection

Competency-based evaluations help identify each employee's strengths and areas where improvement is needed. Supervisors, and even employees themselves, gain insights into current and potential skills. This helps identify hidden talents within the workforce, which might have otherwise gone unnoticed, or the employees themselves may not have been aware of.

Enhance communication

Many problems arising from poor communication can be resolved with a participatory and transparent performance evaluation process. It can serve as an opportunity to clearly articulate expectations, goals, and the organization's future vision. Following the evaluations, meetings with employees can be conducted to collaboratively design improvement plans that foster growth.

Improve the Employees´ Career Plan

Managers can develop enhancement programs to put acquired skills into practice effectively and provide employees with a platform for growth. In this regard, evaluations help ensure program efficacy and enable task reassignment based on employees' competencies.

Track Employees´ historical Progress

Monitoring an employee's evaluation history allows us to draw conclusions about which improvement actions were successfully executed or which ones need reevaluation. This method helps us understand the work environment where a professional thrives best, helping them reach their optimal role.

Deliver Constructive Feedback

Naturally, this is the primary objective. Evaluations provide the foundation upon which we can offer constructive feedback to employees about their work, suggestions for improvement, and how they can best contribute to the company. It's important not to overlook recognizing their accomplishments and fully attending to their feedback.
Furthermore, it serves as a crucial tool for the entire team to understand the organization's expectations, the values they should embody, and the new goals to pursue collectively. In a rapidly evolving world, adaptability is essential!

Costs Saving

Continuous evaluation brings benefits to everyone, including the company's Director of Finance. These processes enhance individual productivity for each professional and for the organization as a whole. Real-time issue and inefficiency detection allows for prompt resolution, eliminating the need to explain the significant time and money wasted in the past.
Performance evaluation offers an excellent opportunity for setting medium- and long-term goals. It empowers employees to be more effective in their roles and, in return, makes them feel valued and motivated.
Detailed performance data on every team member enables more informed decision-making for the organization's future. Job roles and responsibilities are better defined, and project assignments can be made more efficiently with knowledge of employees' competencies.

Providing feedback to an individual without the backing of a performance evaluation is akin to Batman without Robin or New Year's Eve without Raphael. So don't hesitate any longer; performance evaluations have ceased to be intimidating. This is especially true when everyone understands that the primary goal is to facilitate the individual development of each professional and create an environment where talent is respected and appreciated. Moreover, these evaluations can be executed with ease and speed (using HRider!), and if you encounter any resistance within your organization, simply explain all these advantages to the skeptics.

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A new way of evaluating has arrived! Hrider technology enables any company, large or small, to set up and launch their own continuous assessment processes on the organization and make the team's talent shine.