October 24, 2023

20 Questions for Evaluating Job Satisfaction – Free Template Included

Improving employee satisfaction requires enhancing various factors that impact overall and individual well-being. This includes providing career development opportunities, recognition, strong leadership, and a positive organizational culture. Companies need to create an environment where employees feel valued and motivated.

What is Job Satisfaction?

Job satisfaction is the feeling of well-being, tranquility, and contentment that a person experiences due to favorable physical and mental conditions in their job. This sense of well-being at work is connected to various aspects of one's work life, encompassing the quality and safety of the physical workplace, an individual's feelings about their job, their work environment, the organizational culture, and more.
High levels of job satisfaction are associated with increased commitment, a stronger sense of belonging, higher engagement, greater effectiveness, enhanced efficiency, and improved productivity, as per a study published in Procedia Economics and Finance. Another study, featured in Perspectives on Psychological Science, indicates that improved job satisfaction predicts employee retention, customer loyalty, and positive financial results for companies. Moreover, investing in job satisfaction can reduce instances of sick leave. Conversely, low job satisfaction can lead to a decline in vocational fulfillment, heightened stress, increased absenteeism, and higher employee turnover.
To attain genuine well-being, it's crucial to integrate employee priorities throughout the organization. Leadership, communication, and professional development are essential components for transforming the workplace into a more gratifying and fulfilling environment.

Why should you conduct a Job Satisfaction Assessment?

A company that prioritizes its people is synonymous with success. By assessing the Job Satisfaction of our team, we can create optimal work environments to unlock their full potential. This process equips us with the necessary insights to make the best decisions.

How to assess your organization's Job Satisfaction

At Hrider, we offer a library with multiple formats and examples, just in case you prefer not to create your own evaluation form. You can utilize and customize any of the models developed by our human resources and talent management experts. Our Job Satisfaction form covers various crucial factors related to this topic, including organizational culture, professional development, leadership, and engagement.

20 questions to assess Job Satisfaction

The goal of evaluating job satisfaction is to gain the most accurate understanding of each employee's experience within a company and to enhance job satisfaction to improve team performance. In this regard, various aspects should be considered:

Organizational culture

  1. Do your values align with those of our organization?
  2. Do all individuals have equal opportunities in our organization?
  3. Are you content with how you balance your professional and personal life?
  4. Do you believe that relationships within our organization are founded on respect and collaboration?
  5. Does our organization take societal concerns into account in its business practices?
  6. What do you like most about our company?
  7. What do you like least about our company?

Professional Development

  1. Do you know your growth prospects within the organization, and do you feel supported in your professional development?
  2. Do you have the necessary resources to complete your tasks and achieve your goals?
  3. Is your job performance regularly evaluated over time?
  4. Are you provided opportunities to develop your competencies and acquire new skills?
  5. What do you find most enjoyable about your job?


  1. Is your manager competent, trustworthy, and inspiring, making you want to follow their example?
  2. Are your efforts acknowledged, and do you receive motivating feedback?
  3. Is the management team aligned with the organization's values and culture?
  4. What values do you think best represent your manager?"


  1. Are you proud of the products/services we offer?
  2. What accomplishments at this company are you most proud of?
  3. Do you recognize the usefulness and impact of your work?
  4. Would you recommend your organization to others as a good place to work?
Download this free Job Satisfaction template with even more questions, already set up so you only have to send it to your employees!

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