May 2, 2017

How to turn work into a wonderful place

How many times have you heard someone say 'I love my job!'? Unfortunately, it's not a phrase we hear often. But this is a solvable problem. Do you want your team to genuinely enjoy their work? You don't need fancy perks like a daily breakfast buffet or vending machines with unicorn tears. Instead, we'll provide you with practical tips, no magic wands required, to make your employees say, 'I love my job!

  • Share Success: When there's good news or positive results in the organization, celebrate and share it with your team. Acknowledge that every employee contributed to these achievements, and they deserve recognition, which will motivate them to continue performing well.
  • Create Comfortable Work Environments: Design offices with spaces that encourage collaboration, privacy, and relaxation. Encourage employees to take short breaks, as this can boost their productivity. Be open to teleworking when it suits the organization's and employees' needs.
  • Block Off Focus Time: Despite the daily influx of new tasks, it's crucial to allocate uninterrupted time for employees to concentrate on their top priorities and projects. This allows them to create value without distractions.
  • Provide ongoing performance reviews: Offer employees not only regular feedback on their performance but also the opportunity to provide feedback about how they feel and assess the team's performance. This multi-perspective view helps identify areas for change and improvement.
  • Provide Growth Opportunities: Every employee should have the chance to develop and continue learning within their respective roles. Identify their needs and skills through Action Plans in performance appraisals to foster growth.
  • Set Clear and Specific Objectives: A clear and measurable path is essential for achieving goals. It keeps the team motivated and focused on the desired outcome.
  • Support Career Growth: Understand the aspirations and goals of each employee, and promote their personal and professional development. Recognize their unique talents and abilities.
  • Empower them: Trust your employees with autonomy and the flexibility to manage their tasks. They understand their responsibilities and are capable of effective time management.
  • Respect Work-Life Balance: Employees have personal lives that sometimes impact their performance. Show interest in the reasons behind good or bad days, and they'll appreciate your attention. Despite challenges, they'll strive to maintain their usual performance.
  • Embrace Fun! Don't mistake seriousness for productivity. Injecting fun and humor into the workplace can contribute to a relaxed and positive atmosphere. These elements are essential for a great workday.

It is clear that the basis for these factors to work is a living wage. If you already have this point, get to work with the others and, then yes, Wingardium Leviosa!


Constructing a positive work environment is not a magical endeavor; it requires proactive efforts and taking tangible actions aligned with our objectives. Implementing ongoing and collaborative feedback processes empowers employees, enabling them to voice their perspectives and better comprehend each team member's unique talents. This approach supports their professional growth while contributing to the organization's overall development.