What to do after a Performance Appraisal
February 10, 2019What to do after a Performance Appraisal

The professional appraisal process doesn't conclude once all participants have submitted their evaluations and the Human Resources Manager has reviewed the results. There's much more to be done in order to fully realize the benefits of providing feedback to our employees!

7 things to do before going on vacation
July 15, 20187 things to do before going on vacation

When the vacation period approaches in the office, there's still time to undertake several activities that can boost our productivity before and after our time off. How many of these practices does your organization implement?

Job Performance Spoilers
May 6, 2018Job Performance Spoilers

Whatever your job, you may have found yourself interrupting your tasks to perform other unnecessary ones that do not add any value. We can help you identify and resolve them. Additionally, we provide a playlist with music to help you concentrate on your work.

Can we do more with less?
November 27, 2017Can we do more with less?

Improving productivity and time management is a challenge. Today, we'll discuss the "Time Theming" technique used by companies like Google, Apple, and Twitter to enhance performance and achieve better results.

How to report a negative result
November 19, 2017How to report a negative result

When providing feedback to our team members, it's not always about congratulating them on their successes. Often, we must also address areas where improvement is needed. Delivering less-than-positive feedback can be a challenging task.

Fall in love with your work
September 25, 2017Fall in love with your work

One of the factors that sets us apart from machines is our capacity as human beings to feel enthusiasm for our endeavors. However, when that enthusiasm wanes or is absent, we have the capability to "reprogram" ourselves, and rekindle that passion, enabling us to once again find joy in our work.

40 songs about work
August 1, 201740 songs about work

Work has always been present in the history of music, so we have done some research on the most representative songs about the world of work, with a playlist included! Listen to them!

Are you ready to be a Leader?
June 20, 2017Are you ready to be a Leader?

Working with people is a challenge that is both exciting and complex. This is why we must always remember the type of leader we aspire to be. Leading a work team is a skill that can be acquired through practice, and we're here to share some valuable tips with you.

How Feedback helps me at work
June 11, 2017How Feedback helps me at work

Not only experts in Human Resources and Talent Management can tell us how Feedback and Continuous Evaluation processes help us do our jobs better. Today, we speak with one of those anonymous heroes from whom we have a lot to learn.

The best gift: your self-assessment
May 22, 2017The best gift: your self-assessment

On the road to self-knowledge, periodically practicing self-assessment of our skills will help us build our own path towards professional development in accordance with our life expectations.

How to turn work into a wonderful place
May 2, 2017How to turn work into a wonderful place

Some individuals believe that a perfect work environment exists only in the realm of fantasy, but real-life examples demonstrate that it's achievable. Let's explore how certain companies create workplaces that genuinely resonate with their employees.

If you want my commitment, give me feedback
March 22, 2017If you want my commitment, give me feedback

What is special about those work environments in which everything seems to flow and in which people relate naturally, supporting each other? After studying many cases and settings, we have come to a simple conclusion.