Office horror stories
October 25, 2021Office horror stories

Yes, we are in the scariest week of all and, after a year and a half OF combining pajamas and tracksuits, it is time to dress up and play haunted offices. We are talking about those behaviors in the office that will destroy the climate of your organization if you do not fight them.

Superpowers to manage and resolve a conflict
March 24, 2021Superpowers to manage and resolve a conflict

Part of the job of any professional is to know how to deal with complex situations and act appropriately to resolve them. This includes conflicts that may arise in our day to day. And, in a very special way, human resources professionals must make sure to keep problems at bay so that everything else flows better.

This year give the gift of empowerment
December 22, 2020This year give the gift of empowerment

This year we have learned to telework, to trust our team, to understand the need to consider the human side and the personal situation of each employee. And the leaders who have gone that "extra mile" are the ones who have learned to delegate and have empowered their teams. Do you want to know how they did it?

What can HR learn from professional sports?
June 2, 2020What can HR learn from professional sports?

World Bike Day is the perfect time to launch the new episode of our podcast: "Journey into the World of HR and Beyond". What lessons can we HR professionals learn about purpose, motivation and leadership?
Share with us the experience of Chente Garcia, Sport Director of the world's leading cycling team: Movistar Team.

5 Keys to lead a remote team
April 19, 20205 Keys to lead a remote team

How should we go about managing a work team that collaborates from multiple locations? One of the challenges of remote work, as opposed to in-person activities, is leadership. An effective leader needs to adapt to new techniques in a changing landscape where telecommuting takes center stage.

The best Christmas present you can give your Boss
December 18, 2018The best Christmas present you can give your Boss

Performance evaluations can be a valuable gift that fosters growth. Don't leaders also deserve feedback from time to time? We believe that Christmas is the perfect occasion for this, and we will provide you with the strategies to assist your manager in becoming the best version of themselves.

Terrifying bosses (...and how to overcome them)
October 22, 2018Terrifying bosses (...and how to overcome them)

The company that aims to foster employee commitment must eliminate fear of the boss. A participatory culture that allows teams to develop their talents is something we should encourage every day of the year. This Halloween, we provide you with clues to identify the most frightening bosses so that you can help them escape the dark side for the rest of the year.

7 questions to ask your team (if you're not telepathic)
October 8, 20187 questions to ask your team (if you're not telepathic)

Communication with the people we work with is essential for building strong and trusting relationships. Until technology advances enough to grant us the gift of telepathy, we must actively encourage it within our teams. How? We're going to provide you with some clues!

8 tips to be a great Leader
September 25, 20188 tips to be a great Leader

One of the best-kept secrets of Human Resources management is that it's actually the employees who choose to work with their boss, not the other way around. If an employee isn't motivated, they won't be truly productive. And who is responsible for supporting people so that a team works harmoniously?

How to convince the Boss to give Feedback
September 9, 2018How to convince the Boss to give Feedback

Strangely, some managers still don't prioritize providing feedback to their teams (or receiving it). If you're an employee looking to encourage them to explore the benefits of implementing an objective recognition system that fosters professional development, go ahead and share this link with your supervisor!

How to humanize our organization
July 30, 2018How to humanize our organization

If everyone is convinced that people are an organization's most valuable asset, why aren't more efforts dedicated to humanizing corporate management? Today, we provide you with several tips on how to achieve it.

How to have an innovative team
June 25, 2018How to have an innovative team

To grow as a company, we need motivated individuals who can explore innovative ways to improve our operations on a daily basis. In today's post, we'll delve into the topic of fostering creativity among employees and creating environments where innovation thrives.