August 19, 2019

How to return to work after the holidays

How about those vacation days when the only pending task was doing nothing? After total relaxation, turning on the PC again and rediscovering all the pending tasks stings more than a jellyfish.

Did you think that post-vacation depression only happened to others? Fortunately, we can soften the blow with reality a bit with these simple tips that will make going back to work more bearable:

A Buffer Day:

Let's just say that going to work the day after you arrive from your vacation destination is not among your brightest ideas. It is recommended that you have at least one or two days to relax at home, in your city and adapt to normal life. Unpack calmly, do the laundry, catch up on your sleep, go shopping...Leave everything ready to return to your usual routines without stressing. The key is to give your mind time to adjust.

Plan your first day:

Once back at your workplace, organize yourself physically and mentally. restore your workspace to its organized and inviting state. Of course, you will also have to clean up your inbox to be able to prioritize the emails that need to be answered sooner.

Now yes, take your time to plan the most important tasks, like those you left pending before you went on vacation, so it will be easier for you to get back on track. And if possible, focus on doing the ones you like the most or the ones that require less time. Treat yourself like a small child when you go back to school, you already have an age but nobody said it was easy.

Take breaks:

Airplane mode isn't recommended at work, but starting slamming Thalia style won't be very productive in the long run. You do not have to work more than necessary or more hours, do not feel guilty for having enjoyed a few days of vacation! Soincorporate short breaks during your workday to recharge., talk about your holidays with your colleagues and ask them about theirs, everyone loves to talk a bit about themselves ;)

Meet your friends:

Don't even think about eating in the office if you don't want to end up turning into a zombie in your first post-vacation week. Replace that tupperware of I don't know what and meet someone to eat something that you really like. And, if you can, make plans after work with your family or friends. Holidays revitalize our brains and we need that energy to be maintained for as long as possible.

Support your team:

If you are also a boss or have a team of colleagues to inspire with your good example, you cannot isolate yourself thinking about how good that paella was at the beach bar. You must make an extra effort not to fall into self-pity and encourage those around you to work through the post-holiday blues together. Reach out to them and encourages constructive communication. Take advantage of the first quiet days after your return to plan with your team new ideas to implement when the company is at full capacity! (...if you don't do it now, you'll complain later that you never have a quiet moment to brain-storm).

We know that you still shed a tear when you find traces of sand under the cover of your mobile phone! Trust us, with these tips the return to work will be much smoother.

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