December 19, 2017

Which Christmas character are you at work?

In every organization, you'll find various types of individuals, each with their own role and contribution to the company culture, unique personalities, and different impacts on the office environment.
Now that we're deep into the Christmas season, it's time to think not only about how to decorate our homes with more lights than our neighbors (without turning our homes into a disco) but also to draw parallels between Christmas characters and the various roles within an office.
Get ready with some Christmas candy because we're just getting started!

Santa Claus – The leader

That endearing man with a snow-white beard and the scent of gingerbread cookies is the one who orchestrates everything with great kindness and a smile that stretches from ear to ear. He's the type of leader every company needs: someone who inspires trust, radiates friendliness, and remains effective while doing so.
What are the characteristics of a good leader? We have numerous blog posts on this topic, but because we're in the festive spirit of Christmas and giving, here's a brief summary:
  • Nurture the organizational culture.
  • Delegate to your team.
  • Recognize excellent work.
  • Provide and solicit feedback.
  • Inspire your organization.
  • Gain commitment by investing in your team.

Rudolph – The leader of the reindeer

What would organizations be without their department heads? These leaders motivate their teams, set and monitor objectives, nurture the organization's future managers, and provide vital support to their colleagues and the CEO. They're the driving force, similar to Santa's reindeer without the red noses, and, in all likelihood, the potential future Santa Claus!

Gingerbread Man – The Enchanter

There's always that person with charisma and charm who lights up the room, sometimes even bringing cookies for everyone in the office! This individual, though not necessarily in a supervisory role, unwittingly serves as an additional leader. They inspire the staff, foster a positive atmosphere, and ultimately contribute to the development of a healthy organizational culture.

The Grinch - Go Retro!

In most organizations, there's no shortage of employees who, while not stealing Christmas, can certainly sap the motivation of their colleagues. Their behavior can stem from various reasons, but the good news is that we have a solution. If you'd like to transform your 'Grinch' into a motivated and engaged employee, you can read our post about 'zombie workers.

Elf – The essential

emain competitive. Without the elves, Santa Claus would never be able to deliver the gifts on time. So, as much as we have good leaders or very agile reindeer, we need each and every one of the members who are part of the company and who make the organization's growth possible. Do you know what qualities all elves look for in their leader? Here's another post about what all employees seek in their boss.

Nougat – The delicious engagement

And then there are those employees who are head over heels in love with their work and their colleagues. For those who aren't happy with their jobs, this person can be more annoying when talking about their organization than nougat sticking to your teeth. But, oh, what would the future of organizations be without these dear nougats who are completely committed to them! Do you want to be a sweet, committed team member? Do you want to recognize the devoted individuals in your squad? Learn about the characteristics of committed employees!


At HRider we have tried to identify who we all are but we have all asked ourselves to be nougat. Of course, each one is of a different type: chocolate, toasted yolk, soft nougat, vegan nougat... Netarchy, netarchy, sweet netarchy...

And now that you know all these types of employees, who do you identify with? Tell us about it on your favorite social network with the hashtag #ChristmaswithHrider and enjoy our gift: a Christmas playlist for you to share with your colleagues and family whenever you want ;-)

Merry Christmas from all the Hrider team!