7 things to do before going on vacation
July 15, 20187 things to do before going on vacation

When the vacation period approaches in the office, there's still time to undertake several activities that can boost our productivity before and after our time off. How many of these practices does your organization implement?

Job Performance Spoilers
May 6, 2018Job Performance Spoilers

Whatever your job, you may have found yourself interrupting your tasks to perform other unnecessary ones that do not add any value. We can help you identify and resolve them. Additionally, we provide a playlist with music to help you concentrate on your work.

Why is Digital Transformation necessary?
January 16, 2018Why is Digital Transformation necessary?

Many of us agree that digital transformation helps organizations to be more competitive and their employees to be more productive. That is why we wanted to compile a list of benefits so that no one can resist the new Fourth Industrial Revolution.


How to turn work into a wonderful place
May 2, 2017How to turn work into a wonderful place

Some individuals believe that a perfect work environment exists only in the realm of fantasy, but real-life examples demonstrate that it's achievable. Let's explore how certain companies create workplaces that genuinely resonate with their employees.

Discover the feminine side of your organization
March 7, 2017Discover the feminine side of your organization

Today we highlight the need for the role of women in all areas of the company and how those organizations that are leading the change demonstrate that the diversity of talent has become a key factor of competitiveness.

The Zone
September 19, 2016The Zone

We admire how our elite athletes reach their maximum potential, achieving a state of absolute concentration necessary to achieve their goals and enjoy the moment during the competition. How do they do it? The secret to the maximum performance level is in The Zone... now you too can know how to enter and experience this state of emotional satisfaction.

Tips to avoid procrastination
August 29, 2016Tips to avoid procrastination

"Don't leave for today what you can procrastinate until tomorrow" could be the saying that defines our most unproductive moments. But what happens to us? Why do we procrastinate? Can we fight against it? If we identify what happens to us and find our motivations, we will have taken the first step.

Vacations are good business
August 14, 2016Vacations are good business

Enjoying our time off is not only compatible with being a good professional, but they can even help us improve our career. To be truly engaged in our work, our brain needs periodic breaks, thus gaining a fresher, more energetic outlook.

Assessments are for everyone
May 16, 2016Assessments are for everyone

When initiating our performance evaluation processes, we should contemplate the dynamics we aim to cultivate within our organization. At Hrider, we firmly believe this is a splendid opportunity to enhance the relationships among all team members. We view feedback processes as an opportunity for collective improvement for the entire team..

Pay for Performance
October 25, 2015Pay for Performance

The role of people management professionals should not avoid one of the fundamental aspects on which labor relations are based: remuneration policies. We analyze how the trend of "Pay for Performance" or payment for contribution can also support the development of talent in organizations.

Renew your Performance Appraisal process!
July 28, 2015Renew your Performance Appraisal process!

Are you still conducting performance appraisals as usual? It's time to revamp the concept to achieve the true desired outcome: creating a participatory culture where everyone works more effectively and happily.

10 Reasons to do a Performance Appraisal
January 11, 201510 Reasons to do a Performance Appraisal

We analyze 10 reasons why we believe that conducting a Performance Appraisal is essential for any organization that wants to be competitive in today's world. In addition, we give you the keys to propose a modern and attractive process that is really useful to everyone.

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