October 10, 2023

A rebranding in style!


Seven years ago, two individuals embarked on a mission to revolutionize talent management processes on a global scale. Their vision was crystal clear: Hrider would offer organizations of all sizes and industries a specialized tool for identifying and nurturing their employees' talent.

They believed that by reshaping the way companies engage with their workforce, they could not only drive greater productivity but also transform society by fostering greater happiness and fulfillment among professionals. Their mission began with the modernization of performance review processes, ushering them into the 21st century and making continuous feedback a potent force.

The revolutionary nature of Hrider's inception led to rapid growth. Soon, those two individuals were joined by an exceptional team of experts in human resources, software engineering, and a diverse range of fields including anthropology and philosophy. Gradually, we expanded on all fronts – more clients, a global presence, a larger team, and new features – always with Feedback at the core.

Today, we can proudly declare that we've accomplished our initial goal: delivering specialized talent management software that ventures where generalist systems can only dream and positively impacts the cultures of companies in over 25 countries.

But, let's not rush ahead of ourselves. As we've planted flags on the world map, our capabilities have continued to expand. We've introduced Individual Development Action Plans, Potential Measurements, Work Climate assessments, N-Box Talent Maps, NOM-035 compliance, and countless other use cases, including Onboarding Surveys, Exit Interviews, Turnover Reduction Analytics, Job Satisfaction Measurement, Culture Fit assessments, Safety and Internal Quality Compliance Monitoring, Skill Matrix Updates, and much more. All of this culminated in our pioneering efforts in applying Artificial Intelligence to HR. With this transformative vision, we've helped organizations like yours foster a culture centered on people development, transparency, and communication.

How did we achieve this? By empowering Human Resources to swiftly evolve into a strategic department and the intelligence hub of the organization. And, of course, by collaborating closely with HR professionals like you to maximize the value of your Hrider account. We've been thrilled to work alongside you and have relished every step of the journey!

To showcase all of this, we aimed to signify our evolution through a fresh image that will now be featured on our website and logo. This rebranding effort encapsulates our accomplishments, our personality, and our work philosophy: we pay meticulous attention to every single detail without ever losing our smile.


Our smile, our logo

Since this is an evolution and not a complete overhaul - because even though we have grown up, we are still ourselves - we kept our hexagon and added a smile.

The hexagon represents the mathematics found in nature: the honeycomb, the snowflake, the turtle shell. We retain the hexagon because it's the most efficient geometric shape, providing the greatest surface area with the least perimeter and the most strength. And the smile, oh my, the smile you get when you discover that you can use mathematics to measure, predict, and manage the happiness of your employees. The smile that results from effectively managing your team's talent. It's also the smile we wear every day as we work with a top-notch team of ten and clients of the highest caliber, just like our new website!


Talent Technology for Human Resources

This transformation makes the concept we advocate at HRider much more visible: Talent Technology for HR. To learn more about this concept, you can explore our website and discover our powerful Talent Intelligence software. Its mission is to streamline and enhance HR department's strategic processes, aiding company decision-making through integrated Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics. It modernizes performance evaluation, measures and facilitates competency development, defines and tracks KPIs, provides 360º feedback, assesses work climate and culture, and offers many other capabilities!

This is the technology you need to start giving people the value they deserve.


New website

We've transformed ourselves so that everything remains seamless for you. We continue to be your top talent diagnostics and 360º feedback tool, now equipped with artificial intelligence to make your tasks even easier. On our new website, you'll still find the finest HR resources, including a blog brimming with tips and tutorials, as well as the HR Dictionary. All of this is presented in a more intuitive format, designed to enhance your user experience.

And, as always, we paid a lot of attention to the aesthetic line. So we changed the typographies so that you can capture our voice even better.

You will also find new colors, more solid, fresher, more in line with our experience and our way of working with Human Resources departments: professional but close.

With the same idea in mind, we have been working on new graphics and icon systems that combine science and art to bring technology closer to people. Always with a humanistic approach, we have chosen freehand lines and shapes that remind us of what makes people different and unique.

The energy that drives us has remained the same since day one: love, commitment, obsession with excellence, creativity, ambition, effort, authenticity, passion, and honesty.

The rocket in which these two people launched this revolution is now carrying the best team that powers the more than 1000 companies that use Hrider every day. Yes, we know these are goosebump-inducing numbers, but this is just the beginning, and we want you to see it with us!