360º Feedback: What it is, how to use it and free template
November 21, 2023360º Feedback: What it is, how to use it and free template

360º feedback is essential for HR leaders and managers who want to put people first. More and more companies around the world are using this process because of the value it adds to people analytics. Find out everything you need to know about 360º feedback and download our free template.

How to improve your performance through rest
June 12, 2023How to improve your performance through rest

Are you feeling exhausted or stressed at work? Discover how rest can improve your work performance, reduce stress, and improve your health. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of rest and how you can incorporate more rest into your daily life.

How to improve Internal Communication
January 19, 2022How to improve Internal Communication

Do you need reasonings so that your organization understands, once and for all, the transcendental importance of internal communication? If you manage to direct this element properly, you will already have more than 50% of the way covered. Join the next revolution in human resources!: internal communication at work.

HR's secret weapon for responding to the pandemic
December 8, 2020HR's secret weapon for responding to the pandemic

What do the companies that have best managed the challenges posed by the health emergency have in common? If you want to know more about how to stay motivated and productive in the new normal, as well as discover the secret of the best prepared HR departments, keep reading!

360º Feedback for professional development
November 16, 2020360º Feedback for professional development

Discover why lately 360º Feedback has always appeared among the Top Human Capital Trends. Over the past few years, HR performance management software based on a 360-degree perspective has become the preferred job performance management solution for a large number of companies. Do you want to know its advantages for the development of people and the organization?

How to choose a Job Performance Evaluation Software
September 21, 2020How to choose a Job Performance Evaluation Software

Automating the job performance review process is always a good idea. The next step is to get it right by choosing the software that best suits your needs. What must be considered? We have prepared a check-list to make it easier.

How to recognize and avoid bias in Performance Appraisal
August 4, 2020How to recognize and avoid bias in Performance Appraisal

We give you the keys that can affect your rational judgment so that you can participate in a performance assessment process without falling into possible cognitive biases. You will help your collaborators to develop their talent by providing an objective and constructive vision.

How can we stay focused?
July 8, 2020How can we stay focused?

There are certain moments or situations that cause us to disperse in our activities and it is difficult to focus to be decisive.
For this reason, we have compiled some tips and reflections that will help us be more productive and feel much better and calmer at the end of the day.

What can HR learn from professional sports?
June 2, 2020What can HR learn from professional sports?

World Bike Day is the perfect time to launch the new episode of our podcast: "Journey into the World of HR and Beyond". What lessons can we HR professionals learn about purpose, motivation and leadership?
Share with us the experience of Chente Garcia, Sport Director of the world's leading cycling team: Movistar Team.

How to return to work after the holidays
August 19, 2019How to return to work after the holidays

Do you require additional assistance in recharging your energy upon returning from a vacation? If you're looking to overcome post-holiday blues and sustain the positive energy you gathered during your relaxing days off, this post is here to help.

How to stay productive in summer
July 8, 2019How to stay productive in summer

Has summer arrived, and you find yourself still working while your colleagues are lounging in hammocks on the beach? Don't despair; we'll help you with some ideas to make the most of this time in a positive way. Besides, at least in the office, there's air conditioning!

What is talent?
March 25, 2019What is talent?

There is not a day that we do not speak or hear the word talent, both inside and outside of work. Do we know exactly what it consists of? Is there a single definition of this term in which all the authors agree? To answer this query, we have put on our thinkinf caps and we are going to share our conclusions with you in our publication.

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