Skulls from the day of the dead in Mexico that represent the terrifying work environment

October 27, 2019

Signs of a terrifying work environment

Like in any good horror story, there are always signs that something bad is happening before the big scare. If we don't run away or face the monster, something worse might occur.
Picture this: hair-raising music, a racing heart, a knot in your stomach, and frozen hands as you wait for "the thing" to appear at any moment. If this happens at work, and something disrupts your peace, it's possible that Pennywise has made itself comfortable in the sewers of your office. It may manifest through poor communication with your manager, a negative atmosphere among colleagues, or incorrectly assigned tasks. IT is the sinister work environment.
Everyone knows that a bad work environment doesn't lead to good results. We'll show you the signs that something malevolent might be lurking in your workspace so you can exorcise it ASAP:

Low Enthusiasm:

Do you have many days when you don't feel like working? While this is common, it shouldn't be the norm. If laziness turns into aversion, it's a sign that you might be working in a dreadful work environment. Look around you—are conversations positive? Are your colleagues satisfied? Does anyone ever smile? Perhaps you used to be motivated to go to work, but a new boss, a negative change in your manager's attitude, or goals that don't align with yours can suddenly make it much harder to get out of bed and, before you know it, you're complaining about your work situation at every social gathering.

Narcissistic Leadership:

Does your manager demand perfection and expect you to exceed their standards? Supervisors who exploit their role to be tyrants tend to sow toxicity wherever they go. You can learn more about the traits of these terrifying bosses and how to overcome them in this post.

Zero adaptability:

In smaller companies, it's crucial for employees to quickly adapt to changing priorities and be willing to pitch in, regardless of their role. Whenever someone says, “That's not my job,” it feels like a black cat just crossed your path. But be cautious! If you ask your employees for more, you should also be willing to give them more!

Your work-life balance is shakier than a witch's broom:

Work-life balance is essential for a healthy relationship with your job. Consistently working overtime, starting early, working on weekends, or receiving constant messages from your boss outside of your schedule can undermine motivation and cause stress due to lack of rest and disconnection from work. Maintaining a balanced organizational climate requires attention both inside and outside of work hours. 

Bad communication:

Negative communication, a lack of positive feedback, or the absence of information flow can make your workplace a communication horror show. It's enough to make us want to cover our faces in sheer terror!

High Rotation:

When the work environment offers only low self-esteem or disappointment, people leave as soon as they find a better offer, and it will not be difficult for them to find it if they have talent and aspirations. Also, toxic workplaces can lead to casualties due to high stress levels. If the churn rate in your organization is high, consider it a giant, bright and blinking sign of a bad work environment.

Lack of companionship:

A culture in which gossip is generated between colleagues will suspend values such as tolerance and respect. No organization of any size should allow any employee to be disrespected. Strong relationships between colleagues who help one another and encouraging each other is critical to the productivity and well-being of all team members.
It may also be the case that there is a creepy tendency to blame each other. No matter what happened, it's always someone else's fault. Few acts are more selfish than saying: "I wasn't it.", especially if you were or have been involved. Being the bad guy is only cool if you're a character in a Tobe Hooper or Hitchcock movie. Blaming others is the same as saying we are not a team.

Sometimes there is nothing supernatural about real terror. There are work situations that exceed the chills that the beings of horror novels can cause you. And what can we do to find out if Pennywise is calling bad vibes from the gutter in our organization?

If you have really set out to vanish fear from your office, start by being brave to admit that everything can be improved. It's very easy: don't be afraid and evaluate the Work Environment! At Hrider, in addition to launching performance evaluations to develop talent, you will be able to receive feedback from your team regarding the environment in which they work. The results will allow you to make your organization the most wonderful place possible. And that is a good end to a better beginning.

To change the plot of the story, nothing is better than music. We have prepared a Playlist of terrifyingly good songs for good vibes to reign in your office, and if there is someone who still doubts here you can find 7 reasons to evaluate the work climate.


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