Canoe of a team that competes for the same objective: to win the race

May 29, 2015

Rocío ValenzuelaRocío Valenzuela
Hrider Product Manager

Work performance, does your team know its objectives?

Are you sure that your team knows what the objectives of the company are? How to communicate the changing objectives?

We put a lot of effort into finding the right professional to meet our needs and, in the best case, once you join, we explain what your tasks, responsibilities and goals will be. But do we communicate your new objectives again when they change or new ones are generated?

Until not long ago, the objectives of a company and those of its professionals were framed in Strategic Plans of 3 or 5 years, since it was assumed that what we achieved would depend on executing said plan better or worse. The context could hardly affect. But today the markets and their variations are imposed, causing organizations that intend to remain competitive to have to adapt in extraordinarily short periods of time.

And how do we apply this to the people who ultimately have to execute those strategy changes and redirect their tasks? No organization can allow the knowledge of its objectives to remain stagnant in its Directors or middle managers. Everyone must row in the same direction, especially when you have to change course to avoid storms or take advantage of more favorable wind currents.

Companies with greater maturity in HR management used their Performance Appraisal processes as a tool to communicate to employees what was expected of them. But what happens when it is only done once a year? Giving feedback to your team too late can be as dangerous as never giving it at all.

Many organizations are already beginning to take advantage of systematic communication with their teams as a fundamental competitive factor. Through the use of systems that streamline the sending of questionnaires and the analysis of this information, all people are informed, on a recurring basis, about how they should gradually adapt their activities to the new objectives in order to better satisfy the real needs of their clients. By automating the process, we will be able to regularly launch job performance evaluations (monthly, quarterly, etc.) and thus measure the results of our actions in real time. This way we will be able to achieve the desired Strategy-People alignment and a successful time to market.


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