Discover your hidden talents
September 3, 2019Discover your hidden talents

In this world there are two paths you can take: that of the fox or that of the hedgehog. We tell you how important it is to follow the one that leads you to discover your potential, focusing on those strengths that make you a unique person.

What is talent?
March 25, 2019What is talent?

There is not a day that we do not speak or hear the word talent, both inside and outside of work. Do we know exactly what it consists of? Is there a single definition of this term in which all the authors agree? To answer this query, we have put on our thinkinf caps and we are going to share our conclusions with you in our publication.

Millennials in numbers
May 20, 2018Millennials in numbers

A study by Hrider reveals that Millennials like teamwork, excel in soft skills, and they get the highest scores in commitment and respect. They seek to work in environments where they are allowed to develop professionally and be listened to, above salary.

Are you ready to be a Leader?
June 20, 2017Are you ready to be a Leader?

Working with people is a challenge that is both exciting and complex. This is why we must always remember the type of leader we aspire to be. Leading a work team is a skill that can be acquired through practice, and we're here to share some valuable tips with you.

Not all superheroes wear capes
November 29, 2016Not all superheroes wear capes

What do superpowers have in common with our professional skills? In this post, we explore the effects of identifying, developing, and leveraging employees' best skills to transform our organization into a hub of extraordinary talents, much like the Marvel Universe.

If you don't communicate, they don't understand you
October 23, 2016If you don't communicate, they don't understand you

Are we aware of the transcendental importance of communication in our professional productivity? We invited Àlex Huete, from the Talentier team, to reflect and give us the tools that help Human Resources achieve successful organizations through effective communication.

Should we enable an employee to Self-Evaluate?
December 27, 2015Should we enable an employee to Self-Evaluate?

Each company approaches its evaluation processes differently, but a common aspect that everyone grapples with when launching a feedback or performance evaluation process, whether it's 90º, 180º, 270º, or 360º, is whether to allow employees to conduct their own self-assessment.

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