Internal recruitment

Selection process that is carried out internally and whose applicants for the new position are the employees of the company that carries out the recruitment. An attempt is made to fill a vacant position through the relocation of employees, promoting promotion or horizontal movement.
This kind of recruiting has a number of advantages and disadvantages.


  • As it is carried out within the company itself, there is no need to invest in job advertisements and evaluations, so the process is much less expensive than external recruitment
  • It works as an incentive for the rest of the employees, since they see that it is possible to grow within the organization. Encouraging worker motivation and helping to retain talent.
  • Since the candidates are already known, we need less time to evaluate them, which results in a more efficient process.


  • Competitiveness among employees may arise to get the new vacancy.
  • Depending on the situation, when the worker is promoted or transcended, they leave a vacancy. This must be taken into account if we are assessing the costs of the process and we are going to cover that position through external recruitment.
  • It prevents the arrival of new personnel who contribute a different vision.