Performance appraisal

Performance appraisal is a key process for companies of any size or activity sector. Every companies in the world depend on their people, so it is essential to align the individual development of each employee with the development objectives of the organization. To achieve this, Human Resources departments resort to performance appraisal as it allows them to implement continuous improvement processes and have data for strategic decision-making.
The evaluation measures how each worker performs their professional skills, achieves their goals or how aligned they are with the corporate values or the functions of the position they hold. div>
An effective performance appraisal process enables proper talent management and has a very significant impact on the organization's culture, employee satisfaction and motivation, and overall productivity levels.
These are some of the benefits of Performance Evaluation:
  • More motivated employees: Evaluations create opportunities for employees and the entire organization to be more efficient. This motivates each member to perform their tasks better, allows them to talk with their boss and learn from them how to improve in their profession, thereby increasing their confidence level.
  • Increases commitment and reduces burnout syndrome: the opportunity to express oneself and be heard reduces tension. When employees are treated fairly based on principles of transparent recognition, more achievement orientation is generated.
  • Detection of talent: thanks to the evaluation by competences, the strengths of each employee and the areas for improvement are known. They also identified skills in the squad that were unknown.
  • Improve communication: many problems resulting from a lack of communication could be solved with a participatory and transparent performance evaluation. The evaluation is an opportunity to describe what is expected of others, what are the objectives and what future is desired for the organization.
  • Improve employees' Career Plan: Managers can design improvement programs in order to put what they have learned into practice with the results and to give employees a springboard. In this case, the evaluation helps ensure effectiveness and facilitates the reassignment of tasks according to the competencies of the employees.
  • Monitoring the historical evolution of an employee: monitoring the history of an employee's evaluations helps to obtain conclusions about which actions carried out effectively achieved an improvement or, conversely, which ones should be reconsidered .
  • Provide constructive feedback: Evaluation provides the basis for giving feedback to employees about the work they do, how they can do it better, and how they can best contribute to the company. Always giving them the recognition they deserve and paying full attention to their comments.
  • Save costs: these processes help to increase the individual productivity of each professional and that of the organization as a whole. Detecting problems or inefficiencies, it will be possible to act to solve them.


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Assessments are for everyone
Assessments are for everyone

When initiating our performance evaluation processes, we should contemplate the dynamics we aim to cultivate within our organization. At Hrider, we firmly believe this is a splendid opportunity to enhance the relationships among all team members. We view feedback processes as an opportunity for collective improvement for the entire team..

Guide on what it is and how to carry out a performance appraisal
Guide on what it is and how to carry out a performance appraisal

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to create a professional Performance Review process. This guide is designed to modernize the procedure in an agile and efficient manner while fostering the development of your team's talent.

Immediate benefits of performance appraisal
Immediate benefits of performance appraisal

Communication and professional development are the basic principles for a healthy organization that wants to have motivated employees. With the Professional Performance Evaluation, you will immediately notice its benefits!