The VUCA environment is that scenario that is constantly changing. The concept emerged in the 1990s in the US military after the end of the Cold War and later spread and began to be used in the world of business strategy. It brings together the following concepts:
V) Volatility: refers to the very nature of change and the speed at which it occurs.
U) Uncertainty: is the term that defines the lack of predictability of future events.
C) Complexity: is the difficulty that concerns the issues to be dealt with due to their interrelated multiplicity and the rupture in many occasions of causality.
A) Ambiguity: the distortion of reality produces different opinions that, if not managed, can cause confusion.
The ability to adapt to this new panorama of constant evolution will be essential to achieve a successful organization, however, it can have a very negative impact on the less flexible ones. To deal with this environment we must approach it as follows:
  • Volatility. Renew or die, with an adequate way of looking at the future. This is when flexibility in the face of changes is essential to move forward and face obstacles, getting the organization to reach a superior position.
  • Uncertainty. Be prepared through a formal and informal process of constant learning and training that allows all members of the organization to know what is happening in their sector and how it could affect the organization.
  • Complexity. Provide the opposite, that is: clarity and simplicity. To achieve this, emotional management is necessary that allows individuals to have good self-control, perseverance, empathy and enthusiasm.
  • Ambiguity. Using an agile method that allows unforeseen events to be tackled as quickly as possible and thus ensures the strategic planning of the organization's objectives.
A VUCA environment is found in most of the sectors that make up the business market, such as services, industry, technology or banking, and it is affecting the way people interact with their environment (customers, employees and collaborators).

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