Companies with highly aligned innovation cultures and strategies, they have 30% higher business value growth and 17% higher earnings growth. A company's values reflect its beliefs, principles and business decisions. They are its identity and the summary of its purpose. They influence employees, set them apart from the competition, impact customer relationships, and improve employee engagement.
Company values are a guide on how the organization should function and should be established as a team, so that everyone -and not just management- feels they belong to that company.
Any business decision made by an organization must be guided by established values: selection of employees and collaborators, customer service, product or service innovation...
Advantages of a company with values:
  • Improve communication and guide on how it should be.
  • Helps HR define culture and Employer Branding.
  • They are essential to create a brand and define marketing strategies.
  • It influences customer service and customer success on how you interact with customers.
  • Ensures alignment of all employees.
  • They help attract customers with similar values.
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