Forced Choice Method

Forced Choice Evaluation is a method of performance evaluation in which the evaluator has to choose from the available descriptions of each of the persons to be evaluated. This method was born out of the need to eliminate subjectivity and generalisation in appraisals.

Many companies use this evaluation method, since it is considered a less biased way of evaluating an employee because it provides a realistic scenario of an employee's performance, instead of biases or grades that easily differentiate between good and bad.

For example, if it were to assess initiative, the options could be:

  • Accept challenges with enthusiasm.
  • Always comes up with a new idea.
  • Leads and shows the right direction to each of their team members.
  • Understand the problem and provide valuable alternatives.
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How to recognize and avoid bias in Performance Appraisal
How to recognize and avoid bias in Performance Appraisal

We give you the keys that can affect your rational judgment so that you can participate in a performance assessment process without falling into possible cognitive biases. You will help your collaborators to develop their talent by providing an objective and constructive vision.

Tips for effective Feedback
Tips for effective Feedback The difference between giving feedback and giving effective feedback makes all the difference in successful organizations. Taking care of every detail in the feedback will make your team always open to receive and give feedback, and to have a healthy and trusting culture.