Personal Branding

The way in which people perceive you thanks to everything you do, transmit and express both in the offline and online world. It consists of considering yourself as a commercial brand with the aim of achieving greater professional success and be able to differentiate yourself from other people.
What people find when they search our name on Google and the idea with which they associate us is part of our personal brand, therefore, it exists regardless of whether we work on it or not.
We have to try to manage and project the image that best suits us to sell ourselves or sell our product. To achieve this, it is essential to analyze what we transmit and the way in which we do it, in order to increase our recognition.
In the case of companies most continue to work in this paradigm, in fact those that have best worked on their identity have also managed to be the favorites of job seekers ; those to which the candidates would say yes almost without thinking about it, since just as they feel proud to use their products, they would also be proud to work for one of them.
If in the future the brands begin to make visible in a transparent way ideological aspects that constitute the basis of the existence of the organization itself, the labor market could suffer a totally disruptive change, since the candidates to work in these organizations will not only base their decision in the prestige of the brand or in the working conditions that are offered, but also in the purpose that moves it.
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"When you hide a part of who you are behind a mask, you hide a part of your creativity." - F. Laloux.
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