Creative and innovative people who can adapt to work at different times and in different environments, can be important in certain social contexts.
The origin of the word comes from the English neologism that combines the words know (to know) and nomad (nomad), which we can interpret as a nomadic worker of knowledge and innovation.
This new professional profile, whose potential is based on knowledge, is driven by the need to adapt to the rapid technological evolution that we are experiencing both professionally and personally.
The differential value that this profile of workers can provide is not only reduced to transforming information into knowledge. It also highlights the ability to perform jobs related to problem solving, creativity and innovation that in the future will presumably be more difficult to replace by machines and artificial intelligence.
The most outstanding skills of a Knowmad are:
  • They engage in jobs they enjoy doing for their own personal satisfaction.
  • They react to any type of unforeseen event with imaginative solutions.
  • They are early adopters, that is, they are at the forefront of technological innovations.
  • Versatility and adaptability, ideal for any work environment.
  • They learn based on their concerns.
  • They accept their mistakes and learn from them.
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