The technique that allows adapting the job position to the abilities, skills, interests and strengths of the employee to improve their commitment, satisfaction and performance.
The foundations on which Job Crafting is based consider that each person has different and unique characteristics, so the most efficient thing for the organization is to adapt the daily work dynamics to the particularities of each employee.
The first step to start this technique starts from self-knowledge, it can be done through a study of our profile by competences or a SWOT analysis. We must know the skills we master, the ones we need to develop more and the ones we should acquire. The objective of this self-analysis is to know the strengths and thus define the objectives of the professional plan.
To make use of Job Crafting in the most effective way possible, three large groups were created that change depending on the personal aspects that are to be reinforced :
  • Task Crafting: that affects the personal skills of each professional.
  • Relational Crafting: based on the way in which professionals interact with the people in their work environment.
  • Cognitive Crafting: how tasks and relationships derived from work are perceived.
Implementing this technique helps to a great extent to attract and retain talent. The new generations of professionals are not only looking for a normal salary, they are looking for well-being to be promoted in the company, for there to be a real effort to retain talent and improve quality.
The path towards loyalty is the responsibility of organizations and one way to achieve it is through employer branding, which is constituted as a complementary task to Job Crafting. Renew their passion for what they do with specific actions. Employees want more flexibility, to be managed with greater transparency, to have their contributions valued, to not have to spend more time doing manual tasks than technology allows today.
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The secret weapon of competitiveness is called Employer Branding
The secret weapon of competitiveness is called Employer Branding

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