It is a work system based on the participation of all the members of the organization, with a management plan in the short term, which makes it possible to achieve strategic objectives.
The term Hoshin Kanri is composed of Japanese Kanjis that translate as:
  • Ho: Address.
  • Shin: means Focus.
  • Kan: refers to Alignment.
  • Ri: translates as Reason.
Conceptually, the method is often understood as if Hoshin were the direction of the compass needle and Kanri in control. With this collective strategy, the entire organization is oriented in one direction: the achievement of objectives.
The fundamentals of this work model are:
  • Transform the objectives set by senior management into viable and quantifiable actions.
  • Implement management methodologies such as PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) (Plan-Do-Verify-Act).
  • Integrate a system that encourages the active participation of workers in the results.
  • Reviews from periodic to annual to ensure the status of progress, learning and evolving towards more demanding improvement goals.